Mazovia Tour: Białobłocki 2nd in the prologue

It was a strong start for CCC Sprandi Polkowice in Mazovia Tour. Three “riders in orange” finished in the top four, while Marcin Białobłocki just missed out on the win.

Info: Prologue, 25th of July, Warszawa Służewiec, 2,5km

Course: flat

How it unfolded

Similar to previous years, the race around Mazovia kicked off with a short prologue. It was held by the horse racetrack in Warsaw Służewiec and was just 2,5 kilometers long. It wasn’t too complicated technically wise, with just two u-turns, but wet roads after the rain, made things a little bit tricky.

Patryk Stosz was one of the early starters and he set solid time of 2:52. He spent a long time in the hot seat, until he was bested by Adrian Banaszek (Kolss-BDC). New leader clocked 2:49 and managed to hold on to his first place.

Two CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders, Kamil Małecki and Marcin Białobłocki were hot on Banaszek’s heels, recording 2:52 and 2:50 respectively. Polish silver medalist in time trial was just one second shy of a victory.

On tomorrow’s stage 1 around Teresin, Białobłocki will be wearing the leader’s jersey of most aggressive rider classification, Stosz the jersey of the Super Sprinter classification and Małecki the jersey of U23 classification.