CCC Development Team

CCC Team’s beginnings go back to the year 2000, when CCC – the footwear company – together with two other companies: Mat and Ceresit, decided to sponsor Polish cycling. This is how Mat Ceresit CCC team was established. It was managed by Andrzej Sypytkowski, Olympic silver medalist from Seul 1988. Polsat television became the media partner, and later on it co-sponsor of the squad. In the subsequent seasons the team had various sponsors, and it appeared under various names: 2001: CCC Mat, 2002 – 2003 CCC Polsat, 2004 Hoop CCC Polsat, 2005 – the group suspended its activity, 2006 – CCC Polsat, 2007 –  2014 CCC Polsat Polkowice and 2015 – 2017 CCC Sprandi Polkowice.

In the 2000 season the team included Cezary Zamana, and its greatest success was the victory of Piotr Przydział in the most important race, Tour de Pologne. The next cycling season, of 2001, meant establishing a strong team, and also another streak of success. For the second time the team won in Tour de Pologne – Ondrej Sosenka won the race for the team, and the title of the Polish Champion, in the massed start race, was won by Radosław Romanik. The team recorded its presence and good results also in races in Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland. In the racing cycle of

2the World Cup in Zurich Piotr Przydział won the title of the best climber, after a very good performance. The season of 2002 was one of the best seasons of the team, regarding the number of victories. In that season the Team had 30 victories, which classified it the 6th place in the rank of all professional teams, and Jacek Mickiewicz scored 9 victories in total, which placed him among the world leaders of sprint cyclists.

The successes bore fruit in the next season, in 2003, when the CCC Polsat team advanced as the first Polish team to Division One or UCI teams and started in the prestigious Giro d’Italia. The first performance of the Polish team in the Great Tour ended with a big success. In the general classification Dariusz Baranowski reached the high 12th place. The next success of that season was also the performance in the really highly competitive Tour de Suisse, during which Ondrej Sosenka got into the 9th place, and Tomasz Bożyna was the 10th. The title of the Polish Champion in the massed start race for the 2003 season was won by Piotr Przydział.

3The year of 2004 was another year of the ‘orange’ dominance on Polish roads. The Team gains a new sponsor – the
Hoop company, and with a slightly different line-up it fights to maintain the position of the best professional team in Poland. Brothers Kohut appear in team, also the most outstanding Polish cyclist of MTB – Marek Galiński. Sławomir Kohut wins the title of the Champion of Poland in individual race na czas and stands on the podium as the second in the Peace Race (Wyścig Pokoju) and in the Wyścig Solidarności i Olimpijczyków. During the MTB World Championship Marek Galiński was the 5th, confirming thus, that he belongs to the most outstanding sportsmen in this discipline.wspólnego na sezon 2003 wywalczył Piotr Przydział.

In the 2005 season the group suspended its activity. Next year they returned to racing under the name CCC Polsat, and with a new sports director, the talented cyclist, former world vice-champion of 2002 – Zbigniew Spruch.

Many cyclists from the young generation came into the team, and their leader was the Poland’s Champion in the massed start race Adam Wadecki. The cyclists of the CCC Polsat team highlighted well their return to the Polish peleton by winning, among others, Memorial of Andrzej Trochanowski (Piotr Chmielewski), and they were active in all the races of the Pro Liga cycle, reaching in the team classification the 4th place, while Marek Wesoły was 7th in the individual classification.

4In the cycling season of 2007 there have been more changes in the team of CCC Polsat. Their sponsor now was Gmina Polkowice, and the positions of sports managers were taken by former cyclists – Marek Leśniewski – the winner of silver medal in Seul in 1988, and Jacek Bodyk. There have also been changes in the team line-up. Apart from the powerful group of road cyclists (Jeżowski, Kiendyś, Lisowicz, Szaniawski, Rebiewski, Wesoły, Mróz, Żołędziowski) a strong team of MTB cyclists was established, with Marek Galiński, the Polish MTB Champion returning to CCC Polsat Polkowice, and brothers Adrian and Piotr Brzózka.

The main aim of the team was the victory in Pro Liga – a cycle of the most important road cycling races in Poland. The 2007 season was undoubtedly one of the best seasons taking into consideration the number of victories. There have been about 50 of them, among others definite victories in both individual and team classifications of the most prestigious race of UCI category in Poland – Pro Liga Arkus & Romet. The winner of Pro Liga Arkus & Romet 2007 in the elite category was Tomasz Lisowicz, another CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclist Tomasz Kiendyś was the second there.

Half of the 14 races of Pro Liga was won by the cyclists of CCC Polsat Polkowice. There have been victories in Memorial of Andrzej Trochanowski (Tomasz Lisowicz), Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich (Tomasz Kiendyś), Dookoła Mazowsza (Marek Wesoły), Pucharze Uzdrowisk Karpackich (Mateusz Mróz), Memoriale Henryka Łasaka (Krzysztof Jeżowski) , the race “Szlakiem walk mjr Hubala” (Tomasz Kiendyś) and also in the team time trial for the PKOl President Cup. In Polish Championship in road cycling in Kielce Jarosław Rębiewski was awarded the silver medal in individual time trial. There have also been victories on an international scale. In Luxembourgh, in the prestigious Fleche de Sud race, there have been stage wins by Grzegorz Żołędziowski and Tomasz Kiendyś who was second in the whole race. Races in France and Slovakia were won too.

The 2007 season was also really successful for mountain bikers. In the most important MTB race in Poland – Skoda Grand Prix, racers of CCC Polsat Polkowice triumphed. In the elite category Marek Galiński won again, while the U23 and junior categories were won by brothers Adrian and Piotr Brzózka. The impressive collection of achievements in his sports career Marek Galiński was improved by two more titles of Poland Champion of MTB and MTB Marathon in the 2007 season. A great success was Piotr Brzózka’s performance at MTB World Championship, which gave the racer two silver medals, from individual race of juniors and in the team race.
The 2008 season is another season of dominance of the Polkowice based team. There have been no changes in the line-up of the team (only Piotr Mazur joined it) and the Club gave up MTB cycling. The same as in the previous year the main aim of the team was to maintain the position of the best professional team in Poland, with the focus mainly on winning the Pro Liga cycle. In fact, the season was also a successful one. The cyclist of the team stood on the podium 32 times in the highest place, winning not only in Poland, but also abroad, among others in Tour de Taiwan. There was also a victory in Pro Liga Arkus & Romet. Tomasz Kiendyś decidedly won in the general classification and the team had the first place in the team classification, beating the teams of DHL Author and Legia. It is worth noting that it was another victory of CCC Polsaat Polkowice racers in Pro Liga Arkus & Romet. Tomasz Kiendyś, by having 13 stage wins, turned out to be the highest classified Polish cyclist of the UCI Europe Tour ranking in the 2008 season, taking the 26th place. 7 stage wins belonged to Krzysztof Jeżowski, 6 of them to Marek Wesoły. Moreover, the CCC Polsat Polkowice racers stood on the podium 18 times on the second place, and 15 times being the third.
The cycling season of 2009 saw significant changes in the CCC Polsat Polkowice team. From the previous line-up only four cyclist remained: Tomasz Kiendyś, Krzysztof Jeżowski, Jarosław Rębiewski and Tomasz Lisowicz. The team was joined by Łukasz Bodnar – a two-time gold-medal winner of Polish Championships in individual time trials (2007 and 2008) and by Bartłomiej Matysiak – a silver-medal winner of Polish Championships in a massed start race – as well as by 4 young, talented cyclists: Adrian Honkisz – a silver-medal winner of Polish Championships in 2008 in a massed-start race of the U-23 category, Tomasz Smoleń – the fifth cyclist of Polish Championship in Złotoryja in 2009, and brothers Piotr and Kamil Zieliński. The function of sports manager of the team in the 2009 will be performed by Piotr Wadecki – an eminent, many-time award winning cyclist, now the selector of the road cycling national team of Poland.

The first events of the team were the exotic races: Tour de Taiwan and Tour du Maroc.

They were very successful races. From the remote Taiwan, where the team performed under the Merida colours – of the sponsor of the bikes. The cyclists brought three stage victories from there: (Jeżowski 2 and Kiendyś 1.) and a victory in the general classification of the race won by Krzysztof Jeżowski. In the other exotic race of the team – around Morocco the ‘orange’ racers dominated absolutely. Out of 10 stages, CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclists won 7. Krzysztof Jeżowski added another 4 victories of his own and became an indisputable leader among cyclists of professional teams.

In Poland the first start of the team was the race in Sobótka, opening the cycling season of 2009, and it a success of CCC too. This tam the victory was achieved by Tomasz Smoleń – new in the team. In the further part of the season the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice starts in most of the races in Poland where Pro Liga cycling races are a priority. Despite
the colossal rivalry among professional teams, the ‘orange’ racers add more victories successively. They win the “Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich” race (Jeżowski – prologue, Smoleń – stage 3), “Solidarności i Olimpijczyków” (Matysiak – stage 6) as well as the Małopolski Wyścig Górski where Jeżowski and Smoleń win 1 stage each. A big success is Łukasz Bodnar’s victory in Mazovia Tour. He wins there one stage and the general classification of the race. Another racer who increased the number of Team’s victories was Tomasz Kiendyś. He won the Puchar MON race ( the Cup of Ministry of Defence), criteriums in Kraków, Zielona Góra, Wieluń and the Prologue of “Pomerania Tour”. The most valuable for the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice in the 2009 season was the victory of Krzysztof Jeżowki in the massed-race in Poland Championship in Dolsk. Krzysztof Jeżowski, with the tremendous support of the whole team won the title of Polish Champion and Tomasz Smoleń, by winning the second place, became Polish Vice-Champion.

In Pro Liga Arkus&Romet competiton Tomasz Kiendyś was 3rd in the individual classification and the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice won the team classification of Pro Liga of Invest Bank.

In total, in the cycling season of 2009 the racers of CCC Polsat Polkowice team achieved 43 victories (in this number 18 victories of Krzysztof Jeżowski), 21 times they reached the 2nd place and 20 times they were the third.

The cycling season of 2010 is a further development of CCC Polsat Polkowice team. From this season we are the only PROFESSIONAL TEAM in Poland. The promotion to the higher category of cycling teams is a chance to raise the sports level of the team and also an opportunity for a confrontation with the worldwide cycling. The team managed by the Sports Manager Piotr Wanecki increased its line-up to 16 racers. The team from 2009 season was joined, among others, by Tomasz Marczyński from the Miche team, a former Polish Champion in 2007, and also by young and promising racers: Sylwester Janiszewski, Tomasz Repiński and Adama Sznitko.

It was a good year for the team. 25 victories under its belt was the indicator of the team’s strength. Tomasz Marczynski, Adrian Honkisz and Tomasz Smolen were responsible for 12 of those wins, by taking 4 each. Tomasz Kiendys and Łukasz Bodnar three times stood on the highest podium.

As a Professional Continental team CCC Polsat Polkowice had the opportunity to face the best riders in Europe. After intense preparation in Piechowice (Hotel Las), the riders participated in Vuelta Murcia (Marczynski was 10th in GC), Ruta del Sol and Clasica Almeria.

After very successful 2009 season, when we got white-red jersey at the Polish Championship, 2010 was not as impressive in terms of results. In the most important races we finished in 3rd or 4thplace. What’s very optimistic is the fact that we took part in many hard, international races. I think that the work that we put in, and the experience we gained, especially the young riders, should pay off in the future – said Piotr Wadecki.

CCC Polsat Polkowice ended the 2010 season with the series of races in Asia. Tomasz Marczynski won one of the events, Tour of Seoul.

In 2011 the team maintained their Professional Continental status, but the roster went through some changes. Krzysztof Jeżowski, Tomasz Lisowicz, Jarosław Rębiewski, Adam Sznitko left the team, while Marek Rutkiewicz, Mariusz Witecki, Błażej  Janiaczyk, Mateusz Taciak and Jacek Morajko joined the squad after Mroz team was dissolved. CCC Polsat Polkowice has also reached an agreement with two foreign riders – German sprinter Andre Schulze and a Portuguese climber Jose Mendes.

The team kicked off the season earlier than usual since it received many invitations from the organizers of international races. After winter training camp, one part of the team went to Malaysia to race in the Tour de Langkawi and the other part was preparing for the season in Volta Algavre, Clasica de Almeria and Tour of South Africa. Schulze performed well in Malaysia by claiming Top10 places few times and Matysiak finished 5th in hard one-day race in Almeria.

It was a big honor for CCC Polsat Polkowice to be invited to some UCI WorldTour and HC races, such as Volta a Catalunya, Vattenfall Cyclassics w Hamburgu and of course Tour de Pologne. The team had a chance to compete against the best riders in the international field. Riders in orange showed their presence at the Giro Trentino, Bayern Rundfahrt and Chinese Tour of Quinkhai Lake (kat.2HC), where Mateusz Taciak won stage 2 and took 3rd overall.

The season on the Polish soil started with the Łukasz Bodnar’s victory in Sobotka which was also the first event of BGZ ProLiga. Bodnar became the first leader of this series and kept the lead to the very last race.  In total CCC Polsat Polkowice riders won 28 times, 20 times got 2nd and 13 times 3rd.
The biggest achievement of the year was double Polish Champion title claimed by Tomasz Marczynski in road race and time trial. Moreover Łukasz Bodnar and Tomasz Smolen won silver medals, in TT and RR respectively.  Marek Rutkiewicz became the Polish Mountain Champion in road racing from Podgorzyn. He also finished 10th in the final GC of Tour de Pologne and other riders from the team were active throughout the entire one-week race.
In the season 2012 CCC Polsat Polkowice was register as a Continental Team. After great performance in the Tour de Pologne, Tomasz Marczynski and Jacek Morajko moved to UCI WorldTour teams. The team lowered their average age by signing few young riders Piotr Gawroński, Łukasz Owsian, Grzegorz Stępniak and Bulgarian talent, Nikolay Mihaylov.
The preparation for the season was held first in Poland and later in Spain (Lloret de Mar, Benidorm) where the team participated in “Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia” (cat. 2.1). In Portuguese Volta ao Algarve Grzegorz Stepniak showed off his sprinter skills by taking 2nd on one of the the stages. In the entire season he won 7 times – on the stages of Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour, Szlakiem Bursztynowym and Mazovia Tour. Despite his superb form, it was Marek Rutkiewicz who was the biggest star of the team. He took the victory in Slezanski Mnich which opened up the season and BGZ ProLiga. He maintained his lead and took the overall, winning on the way Szlakiem Grodow Piastowskich, Malopolski Wyscig Gorski and Stanisław Kirpsza Memorial in Sokolka. He was also the strongest in „Szlakiem Bursztynowym” and French stage race Circuit des Ardennes. For the third time in row he got the Polish Mountain Champion title in road racing. He finished the year with 11 victories and 6 2nd places.

Another wins were added by Nikolay Mihaylov (in Baltyk-Karkonosze Tour GC, Puchar Prezydenta Olsztyna and TT title in the Bulgarian Championship), Mateusz Taciak (Mazovia Tour GC), Bartlomiej Matysiak (Zloty
Pierscien Krakowa, stage of Wizowski and Grundmann Memorial), Adrian Honkisz (stage of Race of Solidarity and the Olimpians, Tyski Fiat Criterium), Tomasz Kiendys (Criterium in Szprotawa, stage of Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour), Sylwester Janiszewski (criterium in Pawłowice, Chrząstawa, Tarnow, Ruda Śląska, Bronisze, one day races „Szosami Zagłębia”, Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich and bronze in Polish Championship RR). Janiszewski was second most victorious rider in the team with 8 wins.
The season ended with very prestigious invitation to participate in the Team Time Trial World Championship in the Netherlands. Marek Rutkiewicz, Tomasz Kiendyś, Mateusz Taciak, Piotr Gawroński, Bartłomiej Matysiak and Nikolay Mihaylov got 26th place and in the same cycling discipline in the Polish Championship, got silver medal.

Season 2012 was very successful – said sport director, Piotr Wadecki – 38 times our riders reached the highest podium spot, which is a great result if we compare it to the previous year. In addition 20 times we finished in 2nd and 22 times in 3rd. We were recognized as the best team in Poland and Marek Rutkiewicz won the BGZ ProLiga.

In the 2013 CCC Polsat Polkowice came back to the Professional Continental field. The roster was extended to 17 riders and among them was very experienced achiever, Davide Rebellin.

First race of the season for the “orange team” was Tour de San Luis (kat. 2.1 UCI) held in Argentina. World class athletes participated in the South American race, such as Alberto Contador or Vincenzo Nibali and the level of racing was extremely high. Davide Rebellin debuted in the orange colors at the Tour Méditerranéen and Spanish stage race Vuelta Andalucia (kat. 2.1 UCI). In Andalucia he was 3rd on one of the stages and completed the race in 9th overall, 30 seconds behind the winner Alejandro Valverde.
Later he topped that results by winning Sibiu Cycling Tour (GC) and 2 stages of Szlakiem Grodow Piastowskich. Rebellin got also few Top5 spots in Coppa Ugo Agostoni (4th), Tre Vali Varesine (5th), Settimana Bergamasca (3th on the stae) and Ster ZLM Toer (2nd on the stage) and brought bronze medal from the Italian Championship. He was 3rd highest ranked rider in the UCI EuropeTour at the end of the 2013 season.
CCC Polsat Polkowice again dominated BGZ ProLiga by winning 8 out of 19 races which were part of the series. Marek Rutkiewicz was the first leader due to victory in Sobotka. After the Polish Championship, where Mateusz Taciak got bronze in TT, Taciak took over the leader jersey and never gave it away. His victory in Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour was definitely one of the most crucial results in terms of general standings of this prestigious ranking. Mateusz Nowak was the best rider in BGZ ProLiga in U23 category. He sealed his overall win at the Stanislaw Kirpsza Memorial, where he outsprinted the entire field.

The fastest riders from the team also contributed to the very good season of the CCC Polsat Polkowice. Grzegorz Stepniak was victorious on 4 stages of Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour, 2 stages of both Szlakiem Bursztynowym – Hellena Tour and Mazovia Tour. He was also unbeaten in the one-day Tour of Rybnik. Bartlomiej Matysiak won not only Polish events such as Puchar MON, prologue of Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich (criterium), criterium Złoty Pierścień Krakowa, but also an Estonian GP Tartu. Few times he made Top 10 in the international races – Clasica de Almeria (kat.1HC – 7th), GP Bruno Beghelli (kat.1.1 – 6th) and on the stages of Tour of Hainan, where Mateusz Taciak became “The King of the Mountains”.
Adrian Honkisz bested all of his rivals in the Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich and in the Polish Championship only two riders were stronger than him, and one of the them was Polish phenomenon Michał Kwiatkowski.

Josef Cerny celebrated biggest success of his career by finishing 2nd on one of the stages of Giro del Trentino and putting on the leader jersey. Later on he became the Czech Champion in TT U23.

The list of victories was completed by Tomasz Kiendys who won the criterium in Szprotawa and the prologue of Mazovia Tour.
Again CCC Polsat Polkowice participated in the biggest cycling event in Poland – Tour de Pologne,
which unusually started in Italy, with two mountain stages. The “orange riders” were very active and present in most of the breakaway. Davide Rebellin was the highest ranked rider of the team overall – 21st.

In the Team Time Trial World Championship CCC Polsat Polkowice improved their result from last year by 5 spots and set 21st time. Only UCI WorldTour teams were faster than the Polish squad. Few days later, in the TTT Polish Championship “orange train” was third and received bronze medals.

The number of podium spots in the entire season was very impressive. 33 wins, 24 2nd places and 20 3rd was something to be proud of. The team ended the year in 8th place in the UCI EuropeTour ranking (among 126 teams).


The season 2014 was another successful season for the „orange team” and a second one among the Professional Continental teams. Three new riders joined the squad – Maciej Paterski, Branislau Samiolau and Tomasz Marczynski.
The season was opened with a series of races in Spain and France in February. Davide Rebellin showed strong early season form by finishing 3rd in the  Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia. In Volta Ciclista Catalunya (kat.2UWT) Marek Rutkiewicz and Paterski made their presence known by taking 5th and 4th on the stages accordingly.
Paterski claimed first victory of the year for the team, by winning „Ślężański Mnich”in Sobotka, which inaugurates the cycling season in Poland. Paterski didn’t slow down later on – he won the general classification of Tour of Norway (2.HC), got the King of the Mountains jersey at the Tour de Pologne and was the fastest man in the Henryk Łasak Memorial.
Almost as impressive as Patersi’s results were achievements of Bartlomiej Matysiak. After taking 2nd places in „Ślężański Mnich”, few months later on the same course he earned the Polish Champion title in the road race. He also won one of the stages at the Grundmann and Wizowski Memorial (finishing 2nd overall).
At the Nationals in Sobotka CCC Polsat Polkowice claimed not only the white&red jersey but also bronze in the individual time trial. Mateusz Taciak lost only to Michal Kwiatkowski and Maciej Bodnar. In addition to that, Nikolay Mihaylov become the champion of Bulgaria (road race).
The “orange team” performed well in the Polish stage races. Mateusz Taciak won the Szlakiem Grodow Piastowskich, Jaroslaw Marycz Mazovia Tour and  Jacek Morajko and Grzegorz Stępniak brought home the stage victories from the Race of Solidarity and the Olympians. Moreover, Tomasz Kiendys added a victory at the Tour de Rybnik to his cycling resume.
Aside from Paterski’s triumph in Norway, CCC Polsat Polkowice riders claimed few podium spots in other international races. Adrian Kurek won the stage at Tour of Estonia and Branislau Samoilau did the same at Romanian Sibiu Cycling Tour (finishing 4th overall).
For experienced Davide Rebellin it was the second season in the orange colors. He represented them very well. He finished 2nd in the GC of Sibiu Cycling Tour (taking also two 3rd places on the stages) and 5th in the Tour of Turkey. In the prestigious one-day events, such as De Brabantse Pijl (1.HC) and Amstel Gold Race, Italian was 7th and 13th. He ended the season with an extraordinary performance, by winning Giro dell’Emilia. All those results helped him climb up on the podium of the individual UCI Europe Tour ranking (3rd place).
In the teams’ classification CCC Polsat Polkowice was 7th (among 124). It allowed the team to take part in the team time trial world championship in Ponferrada, where they set 18th fastest time (3rd among ProContinental teams). Three “riders in orange” put on the white-red uniforms and were representing Poland in the world championship. Mateusz Taciak raced against the clock and was 32nd. Maciej Paterski and Bartlomiej Matysiak were part of the National team which helped Michal Kwiatkowski win the world champion title. They both played very important roles and Paterski was able to finish the race in 17th place.
The season on the Polish roads ended with two National Champion titles – in the team time trial (Tomasz Kiendyś, Adrian Kurek, Jarosław Marycz, Mateusz Taciak) and duo time trial (Kiendyś i Kurek), where Marycz – Taciak also claimed bronze.

In 2015 season CCC Sprandi Polkowice has taken part in the most prestigious races in the cycling calendar such as Milan-San Remo, Amstel Gold Race, Volta a Catalunya, Tour de Suisse, Tour of Poland and one of the three Grand Tours, Giro d’Italia. The riders have claimed 16 victories in UCI races, making it one of the most successful seasons in team’s history. The one that stands out is Maciej Paterski’s victory on the first stage of Volta a Catalunya, first win in UCI World Tour event for the “orange squad”. He also won all of the classifications of Tour of Croatia (general, mountains, points) and finished 9th in one of the biggest one-day races in the professional cycling, Amstel Gold Race.

One of the highlights of the season was also Davide Rebellin’s triumph on the queen stage of Tour of Turkey and the victorious team time trial in Coppi e Bartali, where “riders in orange” defeated one of the best teams in the world, Team Sky.

In total 54 podium spots have been claimed. The other impressive results include Jan Hirt’s third place overall in Tour of Austria, Rebellin’s second place in GC of Sibiu Tour and top 3 places on the stages of Volta a Catalunya (again Paterski), Ruta del Sol (Grega Bole), Coppi e Bartali (Bole, Rebellin), Tour du Limousin (Rebellin), Tour of Norway (Rebellin), Czech Cycling Tour (Stefan Schumacher) and in Volta Limburg Classic (Paterski).

2015 was the first season, during which the team was performing under the new name – CCC Sprandi Polkowice.

In 2016 the riders of Polkowice-based team have claimed multiple victories in UCI races. Five of them were taken in the stage events – Jan Hirt in Tour of Austria, Nikolay Mihaylov in Cycling Sibiu Tour, Grzegorz Stępniak in Tour of Estonia and Mateusz Taciak in Tour of Małopolska and Bałtyk – Karkonosze Tour. All of those overall wins came with a stage win.

Also young part of the squad has performed extremely well, triumphing in the stages of one of the most prestigious European races, Carpathian Couriers Race (Michał Paluta, Alan Banaszek) and winning Polish Champions title in TT and road race (Patryk Stosz, Michał Paluta).

The “orange team” recorded also some other exceptional results, in races with quality lineup. Victor de la Parte finished 3rd in GC of Tour of Austria and was 11th at the UCI World Tour event, Tour de Suisse, while Maciej Paterski was 3rd in the mountain top finish stage in the Tour de Suisse.

2017 season was one of the most successful in team’s history. It was marked by great performance in 100th edition of Giro d’Italia, as Jan Hirt was one of the strongest riders in the mountains in the third week of competition, finished 5th in one of the stages and took 12th place overall. Also Jan Tratnik (9th in ITT) and Felix Grossscahrtner (7th) made the top 10 on the stages.

In 2017 “riders in orange” took part in 53 races (180 race days), including 9 UCI World Tour events. They stepped onto the podium of UCI and PZKol events as many as 66 times, winning on 34 occasions. The biggest victories of the season include Polish Champion title in road race claimed by Adrian Kurek, as well as stage and overall win in Tour of Slovakia (Jan Tratnik), Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala and Tour of Małopolska (both Maciej Paterski). Riders of Polkowice-based squad were also victorious in Memorial Henryka Łasaka (Paterski), Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich (Alan Banaszek), Memorial Grundmana i Wizowskiego (Banaszek), Korona Kocich Gór (Łukasz Owsian) and Road Mountains Polish Championships (Mateusz Taciak).

CCC Sprandi Polkowice put on great performances in stage events, as they placed high in the standings of Czech Cycling Tour (3rd Tratnik), Tour of Croatia (3rd Hirt, 4th Grossschartner),  Tour of Austria (4th Grossschartner) and CCC Tour – Grody Piastowskie (2nd Leszek Pluciński). In the latter Alan Banaszek also won the final stage (in Polkowice). The youngster was the fastest in one of the stages of Race of Solidarity and the Olympians as well, and Kamil Małecki, who is not much older, outsprinted competition in Carpathian Couriers Race and finished 2nd overall.

In 2017 the “orange squad” proved again to be one of the strongest in team time trial. They won the TTT stage at Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali and also got 8th in the UCI World Championships in that discipline, beating some strong World Tour teams. In addition, Jan Tratnik was 10th in individual race against the clock at the worlds.