Adrian Honkisz 4th in the Memorial of Łasak

The 12th edition of the Memorial of Henryk Łasak (cat.1.2 UCI) was won by a cyclist from the Mróz ActiveJet team, Mariusz Witecki. At the finishing line in Sucha Beskidzka he defeated the Czech cyclist Tomas Buchacek (PSK Whirlpool-Author) as well as his own team-mate Marek Rutkiewicz. The cyclist of CCC Polsat Polkowice Adrian Honkisz crossed the finishing line as fourth .

The cyclists had a route of 134 km to ride along the roads around Sucha Beskidzka. At the beginning the cyclists rode 8 laps in Sucha Beskidzka, and then they rode two big rounds, during which they had to pass a difficult climb in Przysłop. From the very beginning of the race in the peloton there were numerous attacks, and one of them ended up with a break-away of a little group of cyclists. However, the most crucial to decide about the results of the race was the second round when three cyclists attacked: Witecki, Buchacek and Rutkiewicz. Dariusz Batek was chasing them very hard but he did not manage to catch up with the escapees. The peloton, despite a determined chase did not succeed in reaching the break-away group and the three daredevils fought in the final stretch in Sucha Beskidzka on their own.

The fastest at the finishing line turned out to be Mariusz Witecki (Mróz ActiveJet), who defeated Tomas Buchacek (PSK Whirlpool-Author) and Marek Rutkiewicz. 14 seconds adrift of the winner the peloton crossed the finishing line, out of which the best was Adrian Honkisz (CCC Polsat Polkowice) taking the 4th place.