Bałtyk-Karkonosze: Stępniak on the podium of stage 2

The rider of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team, Grzegorz Stępniak became the winner of the afternoon, 2nd stage of the Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour race. Tomasz Kiendyś is still the leader of the race.

During the afternoon, second stage of the Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour race the riders were racing in a very short distance, which led from Gryfice to Nowogard and was only 67 kilometres long. The stage was situated in a flat area, which indicated that the full peloton would most probably reach the finish in Nowogard, and sprint riders would fight for the stage win.

And it happened so. Despite the numerous attempts to break away and attacks initiated by riders of many teams, nobody managed to leave the peloton for a longer time. In the final laps along the roads of Nowogard, the almost complete peloton was riding towards the finishing line. The teams at the head of it worked hard to achieve convenient positions for their sprint riders to attack.

In a sprinter’s duel, again this season the young rider of CCC Polsat Polkowice, Grzegorz Stępniak coped against the experienced sprint riders and he became the winner of stage 2. At the finishing line in Nowogard he defeated Adama Wadecki (BDC MarcPol Team), Błażej Janiaczyk (BGŻ Team) and Tomasz Smoleń (BGŻ Team).

Tomasz Kiendyś remains the leader of the race after two stages, overtaking Łukasz Bodnar by 5 seconds (BGŻ Team) and Kamil Gradek (Cartusia-Kartuzy).by 9 seconds.


The results of stage 2 Gryfice – Nowogard, 67.4 km

1. Grzegorz Stępniak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 1:18.54
2. Adam Wadecki (BDC MarcPol)
3. Błażej Janiaczyk (BGŻ Team)

7. Bartłomiej Matysiak
17. Kamil Zieliński
19. Mateusz Taciak
23. Tomasz Kiendyś
30. Nikolay Mihaylov
31. Łukasz Owsian
32. Adrian Honkisz
33. Paweł Charucki
66. Piotr Gawroński
75. Sylwester Janiszewski


The general classification after two stages:

1.Tomasz Kiendyś (CCC Polsat Polkowice) – 3:43:09
2.Łukasz Bodnar (Bank BGŻ) – 5 s
3.Kamil Gradek (Cartusia Kartuzy) – 9 s

6. Grzegorz Stępniak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) – 23 s