Banaszek’s winning sprint in Memorial Henryka Lasaka

Alan Banaszek was added to the roster for Memorial Henryka Łasaka (1.2) last minute, but it didn’t prevent him from taking an impressive win in that one-day Polish race.

Info: 12th of August, Sucha Beskidzka – Sucha Beskidzka, 165,5km

Course: undulating (on 30km lap with one hill)

How it unfolded

The race got off to lively start as the bunch would stretch and split within the first 50km. Eventually 12-man group was let go and it included Mateusz Taciak, as well as Adam Stachowiak, Mateusz Komar and Oleksandr Prevar among others. Initially they cooperated well, as everyone was contributing. With 60km to go the collaboration started to fall apart though and five riders decided to launch an attack – Golovash, Gutek, Komar, Malacharek and Prevar.

CCC Sprandi Polkowice was ready to chase and was reducing the gap in no time. The last escape to be brought back was Komar, with 15km to go. The group stayed all together until the very end and it came down to a bunch finish. Alan Banaszek proved once again to be the top Polish sprinter, taking 5th win this season. He bested Sylwester Janiszewski (Wibatech 7r Fuji) and Artur Detko (Domin).

Thanks to Mateusz Taciak’s presence in the breakaway, we didn’t have to pull in the bunch early on and we could save energy. When the situation on the road changed and it wasn’t favorable for us anymore, we decided to start the chase. My teammates did a great job catching the escape and helping me get o good position for the sprint. Maciej Paterski was the last lead-out man and I was able to start the finish comfortably – Alan Banaszek explains.

I joined the team last minute, since I was supposed to take part in criterium in Kazakhstan, as a part of the National Team. Ultimately plans changed and as it later turned out it worked out pretty well for me.