Bartek Matysiak talked about the winning in Grand Prix Tartu

The final stage of Tour of Estonia was the Grand Prix of Tartu, where the winner was Bartlomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice). So reported the course of the fight in this final stage.

Tartu Grand Prix is 150 km pursuit at rounds, which led in most led through the streets of Tartu – tells Bart Matysiak. The route was very difficult technically because there was plenty of bends and two short climbs that at the end of the race for some proved to be too heavy. Led the peloton was split into smaller groups and to finish, a group of about 60 riders. Prosecution for such routes suits me very well and to be honest orientated at this stage to fight.

In the first rounds, was a bit nervous and a big scuffle. Most riders want to go in front of what nakręcało very high rate of driving and hindering the possibility of attacks from the peloton. The whole stage was going very active, taking in every major departures. However, the representation of Estonia from the leader of the race, rode very vigilant and not let any escape set off for longer. All departures immediately obfuscating. It seemed that the peloton reaches the finish line and we’ll be in sprint duel fight for the stage win.
When we pulled into the last lap of the whole team “stretched” me forward and I developed a great position to finish. I had no choice but to push harder on the pedals and effectively shut down the entire team of which I am very happy. I would like to thank all my colleagues from the team who helped me win this stage in particular, “Marysiowi” (Jarek Marycz) that helped me lose a high position in the general classification. I mention this to show how attuned we are a team and that one to another can be given … Thanks again .. 🙂