Bartłomiej Matysiak the winner of stage 2 of the Memorial in Grębocice

A rider of the CCC Polsat Polkowice, Bartłomiej Matysiak, became the winner of the 2nd stage of the Memorial of J.Grundman and J.Wizowski. In the general classification of the Memorial the best rider is Mariusz Witecki (BGŻ Team).

During the second day of competing for the victory in the Memorial of Grundman and Wizowski the riders set off for the stage in more comfortable weather conditions than on the previous day. After a violent storm on Saturday evening it got much colder on Sunday, throughout the whole of the stage the sun was shining and a light wind was blowing. The riders started from the market square of the Old Town in Głogów for the route of the total length of 134,5 km leading along the picturesque roads of the Grębocice district, where the finishing line of the stage was situated.

When the riders left Głogów and the massed start began the team of the leader (Dukla Praha) set itself at the head of the peloton and they were consistently controlling the course of almost the whole race. Despite several attempts to break away all the attacks were eliminated, which indicated that probably the whole peloton would arrive at the finishing line. And so it happened.

Right before entering Grębocice the peloton accelerated and the teams having sprint cyclists started preparing themselves to lead them out for the finish. In the sprinters’ duel for the victory in stage 2, Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) defeated his team-mate Grzegorz Stępniak and the rider of BGŻ Team, Tomasz Smoleń. The fourth contestant to cross the finishing line was Mieszko Bulik (Chrobry Felt Głogów) and right behind him Mariusz Witecki from BGŻ Team finished the race.


Bartek Matysiak’s (CCC Polsat Polkowice) at the finish of stage 2 in Grębocice.

Since the regulations of the Memorial did not award bonus seconds both to the winners of the intermediate stages and stage winners and in the general classification of the race as many as 7 riders achieved the same time, the victory was decided by the order of the places in both stages. Mariusz Witecki (BGŻ Team) who was in the third place during stage 1 and in stage 2 finished in the fifth place, became the winner of the whole Memorial.

In the general classification Mieszko Bulik (TC Chrobry Felt Głogów) took the 2nd place, becoming at the same time the winner of the U-23 category. The third place was taken by Łukasz Owsian (CCC Polsat Polkowice).


The podium of the winners of stage 2 of the Memorial of J.Grundman and J.Wizowski.


The results of stage 2 (Głogów – Grębocice, 134.5 km)

1. Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 3:05.31
2. Grzegorz Stępniak (CCC Polsat Polkowice)
3. Tomasz Smoleń (Bank BGŻ)

8. Łukasz Owsian
16. Dariusz Batek
40. Tomasz Kiendyś
48. Adrian Honkisz
53. Nikolay Mihaylov
61. Marek Rutkiewicz
63. Kamil Zieliński


The final classification of the Memorial of J. Grundman and J. Wizowski

1. Mariusz Witecki (Bank BGŻ) 6:14.49
2. Mieszko Bulik (Chrobry Felt Głogów)
3. Łukasz Owsian (CCC Polsat Polkowice)

5. Dariusz Batek
17. Bartłomiej Matysiak
24. Grzegorz Stępniak
28. Adrian Honkisz
31. Tomasz Kiendyś
34. Nikolay Michaylov
36. Kamil Zieliński
42. Marek Rutkiewicz