Bernas and Gradek the Polish Champion in riding in pairs

When the team played in the Polish Championship Warlubie, Kamil Gradek and Pawel Bernas (BDC MarcPol) won a gold medal in pairs. Two riders of the CCC, Thomas and Matthew Taciak Kiendyś took fourth place.

On the first day the Polish Championship team in road cycling, played in Warlubie k / Grudziadza, was played for the first time in many years, riding in pairs at the time. There were a pair of cycling representing 19 professional cycling teams (Bank BGZ, BDC MarcPol, CCC Polsat Pokowice, Brave Lasocki smelter) and a pair of amateur teams (KS pursuit Mostostal Pulawy, TKK Pacific Torun and Cartusia Steel).

Cycling two had to overcome route length of 30 km, Warlubie-Osiek-Warlubie.Najlepszy travel time recorded two riders from the team BDC MarcPol Kamil Gradek and Pawel Bernas. 30-kilometer route defeated during 34 min. 36 sec. which gave them victory and a gold medal in twos at the time. Silver and bronze medal won by the team of two riders Bank BGZ. Two cyclists CCC Polsat Polkowice, Thomas and Matthew Taciak Kiendyś finished fourth, losing about half a second bronze medal of the team riders Bank BGZ.