CCC for the opening of the cycling season in Sobótka.

On Sunday 28 March this year in Sobótka, the cycling season in Poland will be officially started with the race „Ślężański Mnich” for the Memorial of Roman Ręgorowicz. There will be racers of all age categories present at the start. The race will take place on a circuitous route, and everybody will have a varied number of laps, which now are 16 km each, and lead through: Sobótka, Strzegomiany, Będkowice, Księgienice, Świątniki, Nasławice and Sobótka. The start and the finish line will be on św. Anny Street.

The competitors of the elite category will have to cover 128 km (8 rounds 16 km each). In the opening of the season in Sobótka racers of all Polish professional teams will take part: CCC Polsat Polkowice, Mróz ActivJet, DHL Author, Romet Weltour Dębica, Aktio Mostostal Puławy i Legia Felt.

As Sports Manager of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team Piotr Wadecki informed, the team will participate in the full line-up of 16 cyclists. It is worth mentioning that last year the winner of the race was Tomasz Smoleń