CCC is registering Professional Continental Team

CCC Polsat Polkowice cycling Team is applying for returning in 2013 cycling season into the group of Professional Team. At the end of October, the UCI will announce a report in which they will claim whether the conditions of registration are fulfilled.

In accordance with the decisions taken by MKS Polkowice, team cycling management of CCC Polsat Polkowice was obliged to take an action to return the team into the group of Pro Continental teams. The first documents requesting the option of joining the ranks of Pro Continental teams, was sent to the International Cycling Union as early as in July.

The procedure of accepting the cycling team into pro continental teams is very exhausting and long – director Robert Krajewski said, who on behalf of the Club leads the team registration process. Each of the team which applies for status pro continental team has to initiate appropriate action in July that basically ends at the end of the year. UCI requires providing multiple documents, but at the beginning you need to provide for approval patterns of contracts and the bank guarantee. Upon acceptance of these documents and the payment to the end of August and the registration fee, you can focus on further registration procedure.

The next step is to submit all (accepted) registration documents in the International Cycling Union and to the independent auditor Ernst & Young in Switzerland. The first evaluation team’s ability to integrate it into the group of pro continental teams are evaluated sponsorship agreements, provided bank guarantees, business plan, team’s budget on 2013 and contracts (min. 10 contracts by the end of September, then min. 15 to 15.10.2012 and min.16 required to 01.12.2012).

Team CCC Polsat Polkowice submitted for approval of 15 contracts, including contracts of new contestants in the team: Josef Cerny, Jacek Morajki and Mateusz Nowak.

On October 3rd 2012 auditor Ernst & Young presented to UCI the first report concerning the verification documents of registration teams applying for a status of pro continental team, including comments about the uncompleted documents. On the basis of this report, the UCI published a list of teams that completed the first of the registration process. On this list was also CCC Polsat Polkowice team.

Auditor from the date of submit the documents 1.10.2012 has 2 weeks to check and respond to documents from ethical, financial and administrative way – Robert Krajewski continued. Any comments on filling up or changes must be sent to interested teams to 15.10.2012. Then, each team has 5 days to respond and send proper documents or explanations.

The end of October auditor Ernst & Young, after further analysis of the documents, will send to the UCI and interested teams the report about all registration requirements.

On November 1st 2012 will be the first full report which will contain information about which teams fulfill the registration requirements and the decision on registration among Pro Continental teams. The teams, which for various reasons did not make with additional documents or explanations will be called before the committee for questioning. Only after such questioning the commission will decide whether the team can be registered as a team of the Continental Pro.