CCC line-up for the Memorial of Trochanowski and Rund um Frankfurt.

On 1 May (Sunday), in laps around Baboszew near Płońsk the cycling race for the Memorial of Andrzej Trochanowski is going to be held. It is already the 23rd edition of that race, which has belonged to the cycling BGŻProLiga 2011 for several seasons. Last year’s winner of the race, now a cyclist of CCC Polsat Polkowice, Andre Schulze, is going to stand at the starting line.

On the route around Baboszew the race will have been held for the fourth time. The cyclists will have a route of the total length of 167 kilometres to ride, divided into laps: four big ones and three small ones. The route is exceptionally flat, and it leads for the most part in the open country, which makes sprint cyclists likely to fight for the victory in the race. Only bad weather conditions, among others strong wind, may result in the race dictated by the best-prepared cyclists.
In the race for the Memorial of Andrzej Trochanowski the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice is going to appear as follows: Andre Schulze, Łukasz Bodnar, Błażej Janiaczyk, Sylwester Janiszewski, Tomasz Kiendyś, Bartłomiej Matysiak, Tomasz Smoleń and Mateusz Taciak.

While the cyclists of CCC Polsat Polkowice will be fighting to win in the Memorial of Trochanowski, another group is leaving for Germany, where they are going to take part in the Rund um den Finanzplatz – Eschborn-Frankfurt race, of the UCI 1.1 category.
In that race the team of CCC Polsat will appear as follows: Dariusz Batek, Paweł Charucki, Adrian Honkisz, Marek Rutkiewicz, Jacek Morajko, Tomasz Marczyński and Mariusz Witecki.