CCC Polkowice at the training camp in Piechowice.

Today (9 January) in Piechowice, the first this year training camp of the CCC Polkowice team started, which begins the preparations for the cycling season of 2012.

As every year in winter time, the riders of the CCC Polkowice team started the first in this season training camp, at the invitation of the owner of the LAS hotel, Mr Eugeniusz Zielenkiewicz, who has been a partner of our team for several seasons and who sponsors the stays of our riders in his hotel. Almost all riders of the team except for Rafał Ratajczyk and Nikolay Mihaylov, who is preparing himself for the season in the individual mode in Bulgaria, turned up in Piechowice.

Under the custody of the sporting directors of the team – Piotr Wadecki and Robert Krajewski general development exercises will be carried out, most of which will be aimed at improving the general fitness of the riders, building the stamina and endurance. Activities in the sports hall had been planned, football games, run / walk activities and work-out at the gym. The training will be completed by activities at the swimming pool and in the sauna, which are at the Hotel Las, and medical treatment sessions to help the riders better prepare themselves for the new season.

If the weather conditions let us we will also try to ride bikes – said Piotr Wadecki. Usually, in this season riders gained strength by practising on cross-country skis. If there are conditions for it we will also practise on cross-country skis, which constitutes a very good practice at that stage of preparations.

The training camp of the CCC Polkowice team in the LAS hotel is going to last until 15 January this year.