CCC Polkowice riders after the training camp in Dolsk.

On Saturday 10 December the first meeting for consulting and organizational matters of the new line-up of the CCC Polkowice team ended. The five-day stay of the riders in Dolsk was full of attractive activities, as well as discussions with the management of the team on organizational matters.

On Tuesday afternoon, 6 December the riders of the team, that in the new cycling season is going to race as a continental team called CCC Polkowice, started to arrive in the beautifully located Villa Natura resort, to meet in the evening during the welcome supper starting its first training camp. The following appeared at the meeting: Tomasz Kiendyś, Bartłomiej Matysiak, Mateusz Taciak, Adrian Honkisz, Dariusz Batek, Kamil Zieliński, Sylwester Janiszewski and Paweł Charucki as well as three new in the team cyclists: Piotr Gawroński, Grzegorz Stępniak and Łukasz Owsian. Rafał Ratajczyk was not present at the meeting, taking part in the competitions of the World Cup in track cycling. The whole meeting was supervised by the sporting directors of the team: Piotr Wadecki and Robert Krajewski, assisted by the support staff: the massage therapist Michał Giemza and the mechanic Henryk Borek. In a very nice and friendly atmosphere, after the supper, the cyclists were made familiar with the programme of the stay in the general outline.

On the next day, Wednesday 7 December, realizing of the particular points of the programme of the stay started, and it was a day full of attractions. Right after the breakfast, in the beautiful sunny weather the first activities in the sports field started. After the proper warm-up the team was divided into two groups and a football match started. There was a lot of joy and laughter, and although it was only for fun, there was a feeling that the outcome of the competitions was significant for some people. Eventually, in the extra period the game remained tied and both teams were leaving the sports football pitch fully satisfied.

In the afternoon even greater attractions awaited the cyclists, because activities and battles at a paintball game field had been planned for them. It was made even more interesting because two battles were supposed to take place against the team of U-23 National Team of Poland riders, who were also having their training camp in Dolsk at the same time. At the training ground 5 kilometres away from the centre the riders got familiar with the regulations and safety rules for using paintball markers, and then dressed in proper clothing to distinguish each team. The riders of CCC Polkowice were dressed as Dutchmen, while the U-23 representatives as Poles. All of them were provided the markers with 200 units of ammunition and the ‘battle’ began. Everybody displayed a great will to fight and determination, but some had to leave the area even in the initial part of the game, as the ‘killed’ ones, tagged on their clothes with the paint from the paintballs. The game lasted until the evening and although a lot of ammunition was shot everybody safe and sound gathered around a bonfire, to share once again their memories of the most interesting actions from the battlefield. At the end of the meeting shooting skills were tested by giving several shots at a target, with short arms and a rifle with live ammunition. After these very exhausting activities, everybody tired but very glad returned for the night to Villa Natura.

The next day was devoted to organizational matters, and function tests. While the directors were distributing new equipment (anoraks, tracksuits, footwear etc.), each rider underwent function tests with a specialist device. Each rider was tested for about 1 hour. The whole tests were supervised by dr Robert Pietruszyński, who earlier, at a general meeting with the riders of CCC and the national team of U-23, had given a very interesting lecture on carrying out trainings, proper diet and had also answered numerous questions and dissipated doubts. A representative of a company producing dietary supplements for cyclists.

Friday was another much tiring day of the training camp, during which the riders underwent a difficult survival session. None of the riders had expected before what surprises were prepared by the organizers of the activities. And there were a lot of them. As a surprise for everybody came the fact that the assembly at a place several kilometres from Villa Natura, and all the subsequent activities were approached on the run, with an additional load, which they were supposed to take with them everywhere. In the end it turned out that in this way each rider covered in a run/walk a distance of 25 kilometres. During the activities a lot of sophisticated exercises were done, including crossing a river on lines and a very slippery footbridge. There was also an obstacle course made of car tyres, and a tug-of-war session. At the end of the survival activities all the participants of the meeting gathered in the organizer’s base and by a fireplace, after three hours of the killer activities, they could drink a bit of water, and some even had a mouthful of coffee.

To feel the atmosphere and see how difficult tasks were faced by the riders, everybody is invited to see the photo gallery.

On Saturday 10 December after having breakfast together – the last point of the consultation-and-organization focused meeting of the CCC Polkowice team, the riders left the hospitable Dolsk, and they went to their homes.