CCC Polsat Polkowice begins racing in Poland

This coming weekend, cyclists will show on cycling routes in Poland for the first time in this season. Criterion cycling race in Dzierżoniów and “Slezanski Mnich” will be officially launched in 2014 cycling season.

Although the first cycling season starts in Poland is considered ” Slezanski Mnich ” the day before the riders will join the competition under the criterion cycling in Dzierżeniowie .
The criterion will be played on a 1.5 kilometer rounds , which riders will be defeated 30 times , giving a total distance of 45 kilometers . The winner will be the athlete that criterion as a first pass the finish line and the points earned during each lap will be considered the most active player classification criterion. Criterion Boxmed Dzierżoniów is also the first elimination of the Polish Championship in the Street criterion .

The team CCC Polsat Polkowice start composed of Josef Cerny , Paul Charucki , Piotr Gawronski , Thomas Kiendyś , Bartek Matysiak , Jacek Morajko , Mateusz Nowak and Grzegorz Stepniak .
The next day, Sunday start ” Slezanski Monk ” . The riders will have to overcome the very long route that like every year, leading roads around Sobotka . Race distance is a total of 119 kilometers and is divided into seven laps of 17 km each of the rounds.

In this race team ‘orange’ occurs in the composition of Josef Cerny , Paul Charucki , Adrian Honkisz , Piotr Gawronski , Thomas Kiendyś , Adrian Kurek , Jarosłąw Marycz , Bartlomiej Matysiak , Nikolay Mihaylov , Jacek Morajko , Matthew Smith, Luke Owsian , Maciek Paterski , Marek Rutkiewicz , Branislau Samoilau , Grzegorz Stepniak and Matthew Taciak .

Recall that the winner of last year’s Criterion Boxmed Dzierżoniów 2013 Bartlomiej Matysiak was , and triumphant ” Ślężański Monk ” 2013 was Marek Rutkiewicz .
When Saturday , Dzierżoniów CCC Polsat Polkowice riders will compete in the criterion , the second part of the team under the leadership of athletic director Peter Wadecki able to start a Dutch one-day , Volta Limburg Classic . The race will take part : Adrian Honkisz , Jaroslaw Marycz , Luke Owsian , Maciej Paterski , Davide Rebellinen , Marek Rutkiewicz , Branislau Samoilau and Matthew Taciak .