CCC Polsat Polkowice on the Guerciotti bicycles

In the 2013 cycling season CCC Polsat Polkowice team will be racing on Italian brand bikes Guerciotti.

Piotr Wadecki, the sporting director informed, that on 26th of November in Milan, the headquarters of Guerciotti Export Srl was signed the sponsorship agreement under which in the 2013 cycling season, riders CCC Polsat Polkowice will be racing on bikes m-ki Guerciotti.

As a result of the talks, was agreed that riders CCC Polsat Polkowice will have Guerrciotti bikes of Eureka EVO model. The team will receive a total of 60 bicycles such as the racing bicycle, training and individual time ride bicycle.

Guerciotti company which has been functioned on the market for 50 years, is a manufacturer of bicycles and is using the most modern and accessible technologies that provide the best results in terms of stiffness and weight bicycle design. Innovative construction framework provides a big comfort of competitors ride. All of these features combines the Eureka Evo model on which riders from Polkowice will race. Bicycles will be equipped with m-ki Shimano Dura-Ace accessories.

In the 2012 season on the Guerciotti bicycles Miche – Androni Guerciotti and Meridiana were racing in which Davide Rebellin performed who was acquired by the CCC Polsat Polkowice in 2013 season.