CCC Polsat Polkowice roster for races in Wyszkow and Gdynia

CCC Polsat Polkowice is taking part in two one-day races next Sunday, September 7th – in Gdynia and Wyszkow.

Skoda Cyklo Gdynia will be held on the picturesque course around Tri-city and Kashubia. The elite riders will have 165 km ahead of them and they will take off from the Kosciuszko square in Gdynia. First they will do one, 30km relatively easy lap and later on they will enter Kashubie, where short, but steep hills should split the main group.

The roster of CCC Polsat Polkowice for that race consists of 9 riders: Marek Rutkiewicz, Piotr Gawronski, Mateusz Taciak, Bartlomiej Matysiak, Maciej Paterski, Jaroslaw Marycz, Lukasz Owsian, Grzegorz Stepniak and Adrian Kurek.

The other part of the squad will participate in another Polish race – in Wyszkow. The “orange” team will face 130 kilometer route and 5 foreign teams, among others. Josef Cerny, Pawel Charucki, Adrian Honkisz, Tomasz Kiendys, Nikolay Mihaylov, Jacek Morajko and Mateusz Nowak will stand on the start line.