CCC Polsat Polkowice training in Spain.

The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice has been staying at a training camp in Spain for a week, where they are preparing themselves for the cycling season of 2012.

In Poland the winter has got very frosty, which is not favourable for the cyclists to prepare themselves well in such weather conditions for their starts in the races during the coming cycling season. That is why during winter time most cycling teams choose for their winter training camps places of warm climate, where you can without any problems conduct cycling trainings. Among others Spain is such a place, especially the most beautiful place of Lloret de Mar located not far from Barcelona, the place that the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice has been choosing for their training camps for several seasons.

The weather conditions on Costa Blanca are ideal for conducting cycling trainings. In the first week of the camp the temperatures were over 15 degrees Celsius and it was quite sunny. Now it has got a bit colder, but that does not hamper realizing the training programme – said the sporting director Piotr Wadecki.

The camp is proceeding as planned, and the riders are fulfilling the assumed training plan – adds the coordinating director , Robert Krajewski. We start each day with a 30-minute morning warm-up at the seaside, where we do stretching exercises. The first training were started by the riders with 3-hour rides, then the workload was gradually increased. In the second week it was increased to 6 hours. The atmosphere in the team is great, each rider approaches the trainings with great commitment, which increases the optimism before the coming season. Our new rider, Nikolay Mihaylov, has fitted very well into the team, mixing excellently with his team-mates.

The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice is going to train in Lloret de Mar until 14 February.