CCC riders visiting the supporting sponsor, the Catlike company.

On 20 March the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice, going for the stage race to Portugal, paid a visit to one of the supporting sponsors of the team, the Catlike company – a producer of helmets.

On Tuesday the cycling team of CCC Polsat Polkowice: Marek Rutkiewicz, Bartłomiej Matysiak, Mateusz Taciak, Grzegorz Stępniak, Adrian Honkisz, Paweł Charucki, Nikolay Mihailov and Łukasz Owsian, going for the stage race of Volta ao Alentejo in Portugal, paid a visit to the company of Catlike, a supporting sponsor of the team. The riders were warmly received by the boss of the Catlike company, who personally showed the riders round all over the company, above all presenting the production cycle of protective crash helmets. The riders learned the production process of helmets from its basics, they also visited the rooms where the durability of the helmets is tested and the wind tunnel where aerodynamic tests are carried out.
After the very nice meeting at the Catlike company, the riders set off for the further journey to Portugal, where from 22 to 25 March they are going to take part in the stage race of Volta ao Alentejo.


1The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice with the main founder of the Catlike company, Pepe del Ramo.


2 Pepe del Ramo (a former professional rider) and Marek Rutkiewicz.


3Piotr Wadecki is talkimg to the boss of the laboratory on safety and the durability of Catlike helmets.