CCC Sprandi Polkowice continues partnership with TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks – the top provider of the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for endurance training – will continue its partnership with CCC Sprandi Polkowice in 2017 season.

In the past professional cyclists would monitor their progress by analyzing their training diaries, written in the notebook. The assessment of riders’ form was quite general and not measurable. In today’s cycling more advanced and more modern tools are being used for complex and detailed analysis of the shape that the riders are in. One of those solutions is TrainingPeaks, interactive and on-line training diary.

Based on numerous data collected during training and races – including heart rate, power, distance, elevation gain, time – the platform  calculates all kinds of parameters, which are constantly monitored. They reflect form, fatigue and training load. TrainingPeaks allows us to comprehensively analyze the rider and it provides a solid basis for communication with the coach – Piotr Kosielski, CCC Sprandi Polkowice physician, explains.

As a part of the cooperation with TrainingPeaks, the Polkowice-based squad has received two accounts for coaches – physician Piotr Kosielski and sport director Piotr Wadecki – and Premium accounts for all of the riders. The team management has constant access to every single training. Among monitored parameters are GPS track, heart rate, power and cadence record, etc.

In 2016 season we watched our riders’ data on this platform, trying to find a correlation between results in the races and data from this program, riders sensations and results from medical checks.  We’ve been trying to draw conclusions from all of the information we have gathered, but it was until the end of the season and season’s summary when we could finally get the full understanding of how TrainingPeaks could be used in our system. I hope that that knowledge will translate into great results on the road in 2017 season – Piotr Kosielski says.

Training Peaks make monitoring our riders much more convenient. Nothing compares to this platform. Although it requires  a lot of effort from the riders, sport directors, coaches and physicians – he sums up.