CCC Sprandi Polkowice to Brussels Classic and Cyklo Gdynia

On the upcoming weekend CCC Sprandi Polkowice will take part in two one-day races – Brussels Cycling Classic (5th of September) and Cyklo Gdynia (6th of September).

The team for Brussels event is exceptionally international. For the first time in team’s history, every rider on the roster comes from a different country – Poland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Belarus.

Brussels Cycling Classic is 1.HC race. In the previous years the course has been changing many times, but usually the competition ended with a sprint from around 50-man group. On the winners’ list of the last 10 editions only sprinters’ names appear and it’s expected that that will be the case also this year.

The route in the 2015 season will include 13 short but steep hills, typical for Belgium races. The last one is located 40 kilometers before the finish. In total there are 201 kilometers to cover.

Grega Bole showcased good sprinting form in GP Ouest France and he will be the fighting for top spot in case of a bunch sprint. The task for the rest of the riders is to ride aggressively and to help Slovenian in the finale – Piotr Wadecki, sporting director of CCC Sprandi Polkowice, explains.

Lineup for Brussels Cycling Classic (5.09, 1.HC): Grega Bole, Maciej Paterski, Davide Rebellin, Stefan Schumacher, Nikolay Mihaylov, Josef Cerny, Branislau Samoilau

Fully national roster will take on the Cyklo Gdynia. 165-kilometer, slightly undulating course awaits the riders. It features cobblestone finale, which can be dangerous if it rains.

Last year an early attack, launched by 5 riders was crucial for the race outcome. The escape, which included three “riders in orange” – Jarosław Marycz, Marek Rutkiewicz and Łukasz Owsian – survived until the finish and came in with large advantage over the chasers. Marycz and Rutkiewicz finished on the podium, in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

It’s hard to predict how the race will unfold so we have to have at least one representative in every break. The best scenario would be the have 2 or 3 riders in the front, like in the last race – Tour de Rybnik. If a large group arrives at the finish, Grzegorz Stępniak, Eryk Latoń or Bartłomiej Matysiak should be ready to deliver good result – Piotr Wadecki says.

Lineup for Cyklo Gdynia (6.09): Jarosław Marycz, Grzegorz Stępniak, Adrian Kurek, Łukasz Owsian, Kamil Małecki, Michał Paluta, Bartłomiej Matysiak, Eryk Latoń, Mateusz Taciak, Tomasz Kiendyś