CCC Sprandi Polkowice to Mem. Grundmana i Wizowskiego and Korona Kocich Gór

Two different lineups will take on upcoming two one-day races in Poland – Memoriał Grundmana i Wizowskiego (18.06) and Korona Kocich Gór (19.06). For all the riders it will be the final test ahead of the Polish Championships in Świdnica.

Memoriał Grundmana i Wizowskiego is 170 kilometers long and the course has been mapped out on the roads between Żmigród and Milicz. The route is divided into three laps, which will be tackled 10, 5 and 2 times respectively. The last one will be held on the streets of Milicz. Last year the race took place in different terrain and this time the profile should suit fast riders better. In 2015, the hilly circuit around Głogów broke the field in pieces and a leading 2-man group, with Łukasz Owsian and Adam Stachowiak, arrived at the line. CCC Sprandi Polkowice rider finished 2nd that season.

Due to more flat course, Owsian didn’t make the roster for this year’s event. The lineup is based on sprinters and in case of a bunch gallop, Tour of Estonia stage and overall winner, Grzegorz Stępniak, will be the team leader in the finale. In case of different scenario Bartłomiej Matysiak, Eryk Latoń and Alan Banaszek are also capable of finishing strong and are known for their sprinting skills. Adrian Kurek, Tomasz Kiendyś, winner of previous two Polish stage races, Mateusz Taciak and Jakub Kaczmarek who is returning to racing after a serious injury, will try to make their presence known by aggressive ride.

The lineup for Korona Kocich Gór include riders who feel comfortable in the hilly terrain. They will face an undulating, 23-kilometer lap, which will covered 8 times. The start will be located in Trzebnica and the finish in Skotniki. The team for this race will be led by Adrian Honkisz and Łukasz Owsian. They will be supported by Marcin Mrożek, Leszek Pluciński and the youngsters, Michał Paluta, Patryk Stosz, Kamil Małecki and Piotr Brożyna.

Both of the one-day events are included in the UCI calendar and have 1.2 category.

Lineup of CCC Sprandi Polkowice for Memoriał Grundmana i Wizowskiego (18.06): Grzegorz Stępniak, Bartłmiej Matysiak, Mateusz Taciak, Eryk Latoń, Jakub Kaczmarek, Alan Banaszek, Adrian Kurek, Tomasz Kiendyś

Lineup of CCC Sprandi Polkowice for Korona Kocich Gór (19.06): Łukasz Owsian, Adrian Honkisz, Marcin Mrożek, Leszek Pluciński, Michał Paluta, Patryk Stosz, Kamil Małecki, Piotr Brożyna.