CCC Sprandi Polkowice to road-cross Schaal Sels

Schaal Sels (26.08, 1.1) is not like any other road race, as it also features some cyclo cross elements. CCC Sprandi Polkowice will take part in this unusual event in its 2018 edition.

Belgian one-day race is one of a kind in cycling calendar. It’s held on 13-kilometer circuit, which is covered as many as 14 times (185km in total). What makes it stand out is varied pavement. Stretches of asphalt roads interweave with unpaved, gravel and dirt roads. To make things even more fun, the route is very twisty, with countless sharp corners and turns.

This event is unique for one more reason – teams can send 8-man rosters to Schaal Sels, just like in Grand Tours (in all other races only 7-man teams are allowed).

CCC Sprandi Polkowice will line up at the start with two riders who have solid cyclo cross background – Michał Paluta and Kamil Gradek – so the course should suit them.

The majority of the squad has been in race rhythm, taking part in various Belgian and Dutch events held in the last week, so they are quite used to such specific type of racing and know what to expect. Jonas Koch, Paweł Bernas, Frantisek Sisr, Paweł Franczak and Marko Kump are all fast riders, who will want to take advantage of their strength and power and turn it into top spot at the line.

The lineup will be rounded out by Alan Banaszek. He crashed out during Tour de l’Avenir, but is healthy enough to take on another challenge.

Lineup of CCC Sprandi Polkowice to Schaal Sels (1.1, August 26th): Jonas Koch, Marko Kump, Paweł Franczak, Frantisek Sisr, Michał Paluta, Paweł Bernas, Kamil Gradek, Alan Banaszek