CCC Sprandi Polkowice with invitations to Amstel Gold Race and Tour de Suisse

On the same day, CCC Sprandi Polkowice received two “wild card” invitations to two UCI World Tour races – Amstel Gold Race and Tour de Suisse. 

The Polkowice-based squad knows well these events, since it has participated in them on a regular basis in the past. The team took part in the previous three editions of both of these races.

Maciej Paterski recorded the best result among “riders in orange” in the “beer race”, taking 9th in 2015. He also finished 3rd on one of the hardest stages of last year’s Tour de Suisse, with a mountain top finish to Amden. Long and steep climbs, which are frequently part of the Suisse route, are perfect for Jan Hirt and his climbing abilities too. He has proven on many occasions, that this where he is at his best.

Amstel Gold Race 2017 will feature slightly modified course, compering to previous years. The finish line will be situated in the similar place as usual, but there won’t be famous Cauberg awaiting the riders just before the line. It will be tackled with 19km to go.

Tour de Suisse will consist of 9 stages. 2 of them are individual time trials – 6-kilometer prologue and 28,6-kilometer undulating race against the clock. There are also three hard stages with mountain top finish on the menu – to Bern, Cevio and La Punt.