CCC team on the opening camp in Brzednia

On 19-23 of November, riders of the new composition of the CCC Polsat Polkowice with the whole service, met at the first training camp, which was the nature of consulting and integration.

In the afternoon, November 19 (Monday), in a resort and training center “Villa Nature” in Dolsk, riders of new composition appeared to discuss the most important issues concerning the organization of the team in the upcoming season as well as take part in integration courses organized by specialists Brzezdnia Sports Training Center.

In training camp appeared, new contracted riders: Josef Cerny, Adrian Kurek, Jacek Morajko, Mateusz Nowak and Jarosław Marycz who signed a contract with a group of CCC Polsat Polkowice as the last. Foreign riders, Nikolay Mihaylov and Davide Rebellin, were excused from participation in the meeting.

On the first day of the camp, in the evening the team directors: Peter Wadecki and Robert Krajewski discussed the functioning of the team in the season 2013, presented priority goals of the team for the 2013 cycling season and also informed about plans for the next meetings and subsequent training camps. There was also the official presentation of the new riders in the composition of the team, highlighting their sporting achievements. At the end, all the riders and staff were equipped with specially prepared sets of clothing.

Another day in Dolsk has began with a meeting with the President of MKS Polkowice, Krzysztof Korsak, during which discussed all aspects of functioning Professional Continental Team with regard to the responsibilities imposed on riders. In the discussion, there were also issues relating to the wider fight against doping and having riders’ biological passports.

After the meeting, all participants drove to situated among the forests and lakes, Brzezdnia training center. Since the activities have included elements of competition, all participants were divided into two groups that were competing with each other for the entire period of stay. In the first team were sports directors, staff and the “new” riders, while the other team made up “old” riders. None of the teams knew what tasks would have been placed in front of them and at what time they would take place. Instructors from the resort watched the whole course of lessons.

The first confrontation between the teams took place in the afternoon of the first day of the stay at the resort when riders played paintball games. For nearly three hours the teams “Poles” and “Dutch” fought fierce battles to neutralize the enemy, take their seat or get the flag. Several hundred pieces of “ammunition” (paint balls) dealt opponents blows, in consequence, led to win the fight and proved to be winners. This competition ended on individual shooting with small arms weapons. From this confrontation with a slightly better result left the team “Dutch” (staff and new players).

After returning to the resort and eating dinner all riders were waiting the moment when they would be able to lie down to sleep and relax after a busy day. Unfortunately, that day has not yet been over. When all riders were prepared to sleep in the resort was declared an alarm. Upon checking on teams on the parade ground were explained tasks and marched from the building. It was not easy tasks. The dark night and unfamiliar terrain led the team returned to the resort after midnight.

Another day of stay has began with morning practice on which the team has been “wake up” at 7.00 am. Then, after a light breakfast, there was a march to the obstacle course road that each team had to overcome in the shortest time. There were plenty tasks to do, such as a tunnel in which they had to crawl, walking through the so-called “rope bridge”, rising on the stick, tug of war, throws an ax, and many, many more. At the end of this part of the course, there was quite extreme task of defeating the marshy water-car ferry crossing. All turned out to be very fit and no one finished job landing in a swamp.

After returning to the resort for dinner the team had another surprise. Instead of dinner in the cafeteria, teams had to prepare a meal for the members of their teams. In addition, each team had to raise a shelter and do the bicycle frame. To perform this task was only three hours. After the specified time, the instructors evaluated the performance of a task, considering that the prepared meal (goulash soup), and built shelters were made with great ingenuity and diligence, and the soup cooked by both teams tasted everyone. Draw.

Last day was also very attractive. One of a task was sailing boats on the other side of the lake without paddles. And this challenge both teams fared well. The final touch was a competitive race trolleys, hand-powered rail vehicles, which had to be overcome 5-km stretch of the route. This task was also made ​​perfectly, and in the evening by the fire summarizing the entire period of stay and compete, riders, trainers have stated that a small majority winning team was team sports directors supported the “new” riders in the team. Congratulations.