Cieślik expects to miss first part of 2018 season due to heart issues

Paweł Cieślik, who joined CCC Sprandi Polkowice before 2018, will miss first part of the season due to heart issues. He has already gone through a successful surgery and is undergoing rehabilitation process. 31-year old rider is expected to return to training in 3 months.

His heart issues were discovered during a routine medical examination. We detected a suspicion of ASD (atrial septal defect) and PFO (patent foramen ovale) – team’s doctor, Piotr Kosielski, explains. – Further diagnosis confirmed the initial concerns. The situation required invasive cardiology intervention. The surgery was successful and Paweł has been discharged from the hospital. Currently he is feeling well and is undergoing rehabilitation. He will be evaluated in six weeks and we expect him to return on the bike in three months.

We would like to thank the entire staff of Electrocardiology Clinic of the Central Clinical Hospital, Dr. Krzysztof Kaczmarek, Dr. Piotr Jakubowski and Dr. Bartosz Czarniak in particular.


We will do everything in our power to help Paweł get back to full health and he can count on our support. His health and recovery is our priority and this is what we are focusing on right now – Piotr Wadecki, sporting director of CCC Sprandi Polkowice says.

We believe that Paweł will return to racing this season, and from our experience, riders who missed first part of the season due to injury or other issues, are often very strong in the second part.  If the treatment goes according to the  timetable we should see Paweł strong and ready at the Tour de Pologne.

We will patiently wait for his return. He will be back to training and racing when he is fully healthy and gets “green light” from the doctors . We don’t want to rush anything and put him at risk.