COMPRESSPORT partner cycling team CCC Polsat Polkowice

In 2014 cycling season team CCC Polsat Polkowice acquired a new partner, which is a compression garment manufacturer – the company Compressport.

Among the sports industry companies that their products support the process of preparation, training and are also useful in the regeneration of athletes of many disciplines, was also COMRESSPORT company – manufacturer of compression garments.

In the case of athletes practicing cycling, muscle compression, is one of the most important treatments aimed to improve the ability to perform their jobs, improves blood circulation and better blood flow in the muscles which brings nutrients and prevents excessive tensing the muscles which helps in their rapid regeneration. With appropriate strength of oppression used compression clothing ( socks, leggings,etc. ) on the calves and thighs of cyclists, you can get better results and faster regenerate muscles after a very big effort.

Company COMPRESSPORT, due to superior technology with the support of experts in the field of sports compression in a novel manner responsive to the needs of what athletes including cyclists , struggling every day. All compression products are made with fabrics and fibers that meet the highest standards , ensuring that they are organic materials , trustworthy and harmless to health.

More details about the compression products of COMPRESSPORT company can be found on the website

All cyclists of CCC Polsat Polkowice were equipped with complete sets of compression clothing company Compressport and among them a feature band compression calves and thighs, socks, trousers, etc