Coppi e Bartali: Jarosław Marycz about the escape on the 3rd stage

During the third stage of the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Ciclistica Bartali race, in the group of escaping group actively drove Jaroslaw Marycz. And he reports its course.

After yesterday’s heavy step, one might expect that today from the peloton can “go” the group of cyclists, that can get to the finish line. Before takeoff, in the briefing, we assumed that opportunity and to be in such a group, we had to be very “vigilant” and ride in front of the peloton.
For the first hour, when it was still flat, the peloton rode together continuously at speeds of over 50km / h At this rate, driving the departure was not the question. When the trail began to rise slowly, the pace in the peloton slowed a bit and then had an opportunity attack. I have to thank “Rutkowi”, which I very well distributed and managed to pull away. The successive riders drove me and there was a fairly large, 9-person group.
Cooperation between us settled down quite well, although you could sense that the peloton today, however, does not allow us to develop a solid advantage. Gained an advantage over the peloton over three minutes and it was all we could afford our small group. Control of the peloton held the team Lampre – Merida is leading the race, and they depend on the success of our departure. Besides already started downhill and uphill mountain bonus. The advantage we began to rapidly decline. Seeing that this departure will not have the desired effect, I tried to go conservative. On one of the last climbs, passing signs 25 km to the finish line was strongly absorbed by the peloton wyszczuplony.
Driving in the departure of many forces Jaroslaw cost Marycza. On the run in Piane di Mocogno reached the 112th place winner losing a step, over 20 minutes.