Dariusz Batek’s victory in a race of the Skandia Maraton Lang Team cycle

Dariusz Batek from the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice won in Bytów a race belonging ro the cycle of the Cup of Poland Skandia Maraton Lang Team.

During the men’s race the competition among the riders was as usual most interesting and full of emotions. In the second part of the race out of the group rode Dariusz Batek and Wojciech Halejak from HP-Sferis. Definitely the former was better, and although they entered the finish together, Halejak did not even try to attack his rival. In the third place there was Andrzej Kaiser from Corratec Team, who knew the local area very well, because he comes form the club of Baszta Bytów, and spectators welcomed him at the finishing line with thunderous applause.

That was the essence of marathon, definitely the best I have ever ridden. There was everything there, asphalt, stone chippings, sands, technical elements, hard downhill rides, short and long uphill stretches, virtually everything that should be in a marathon. It was great to ride, the form is very good. As I said before, I am going to fight for the victory in the Cup of Poland, and this triumph has got me closer to it. – said Dariusz Batek.

The leader of the Cup of Poland Skandia Maraton Lang Team in the men’s category is Bartosz Banach, and among the teams the leader is HP-Sferis.