Davide Rebellin: “Keep your fingers crossed for us!”

The Tour de Mediterraneen in CCC Polsat Polkowice team debut Davide Rebellin. We invite to a short conversation with the cyclist. Artur Machnik portal talked with the cyclist.
Davide, on Wednesday you will debut in the CCC Polsat Polkowice team, how would you rate your form?

I prepared very well for the last week I trained hard. This is not the optimal form, but personally I’m happy with the work we have done before the first start.

In Poland, it is said that you will fight for the podium (laughs)?

I want to fight for the best place, but I’m not a time trial, and one of the stages is the individual time trial. It may decide the final overall standings.I have a very good, very highly motivated team, other cyclists will help me, and I will try to take the best possible position. I know the route well, one of the stages is very close to my house, I will be fine. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

When do we see you in Poland?

In Poland, the first start will be in Sobótka. I have heard many good things about this race from Piotr Wadecki. There is coming a lot of cyclists, the whole Polish headlamp, so I also can not fail there. I’ve heard that Marcin Sapa races still I remember him from Lampre, I will be pleased to meet him.We will want to shcow from the beginning of the season that we are the strongest.

Thank you very much, see you in Poland.

See you there!