Dookoła Mazowsza: fighting with the line-up reduced.

The winner of the 3rd stage of the Dookoła Mazowsza race, with the finishing line in Szydłowiec, is a cyclist of the KTK Kalisz club riding in the Wielkopolska Regionalna team, Jarosław Kowalczyk. He defeated his companion from the breakaway, the cyclist of Aktio Mostostal Puławy, Piotr Kirpsza and Krzysztof Jeżowski (BGŻ Team), who did a field sprint.

CCC Polsat Polkowice entered the third stage of the race with a much reduced lineup. At the starting line there were not: Łukasz Bodnar, Mateusz Taciak and Błażej Janiaczyk, who have been appointed by the sports manager of the team, Piotr Wadecki, for the lineup for the starting on Sunday Tour de Pologne. Also Andre Schulze was not there, having withdrawn from the race as early as after stage 1 where he suffered serious injuries as a result of falling on a slippery surface of a wooden bridge.

Despite the reduced composition the cyclists of CCC entered the struggle in stage 3, whose distance was 169 kilometres, and which led in quite a rolling area from Zwoleń to Szydłowiec. After riding 60 kilometres the further route was along the roads around Szydłowiec and the cyclists had 6 laps to ride, where there was and uphill stretch in which there were as many as 6 climbs situated.

From the start of the cyclists in Zwoleń there were numerous attacks in the peloton. It was a stage during which there were the biggest number of those breakaways. Among others the cyclists of Legia Felt, BGŻ Team, Aktio Mostostal Puławy tried to break away and so did the cyclists of the foreign teams. In one of the laps around Szydłowiec the wind started blowing quite strongly and Piotr Kirpsza (Aktio Mostostal Puławy) took advantage of it, jumping away from the peloton. He was joined by Jarosław Kowalczyk (Wielkopolska) and working together harmoniously they were approaching the finishing line in the market square in Szydłowiec.

Despite a lot of attempts to eliminate the breakaway, especially on the part of the teams of BDC Team and BGŻ, the escaping twosome reached the finishing alone, settling the finish between themselves. The first to cross the finishing line was Jarosław Kowalczyk, defeating with a small advantage Piotr Kirpsza. The peloton was brought by Krzysztof Jeżowski (Bank BGŻ).

Right before the finishing line, several tens of metres before the finish, a serious crash took place in which a lot of cyclists took part, among others Sylwester Janiszewski (CCC Polsat Polkowice) who suffered numerous injuries.

The new leader after the third stage of the race is Rudiger Selig (Jenatec).

The results of stage 3, Zwoleń – Szydłowiec, 169 km

1. Kowalczyk Jarosław (Wielkopolska Regionalna) 3:45:48
2. Kirpsza Piotr (Aktio Mostostal Puławy)
3. Krzysztof Jeżowski (BGŻ Team) 0:04

19. Tomasz Smoleń
33. Tomasz Kiendyś
36. Mariusz Witecki
84. Sylwester Janiszewski
DNS Łukasz Bodnar
DNS Błażej Janiaczyk
DNS Mateusz Taciak