Dookoła Mazowsza: Mateusz Taciak third in Modlin

The rider of the BDC MarcPol team, Adam Wadecki, became the winner of stage 1 of the Dookoła Mazowsze race. After a controversial finish at the finishing line in Modlin he beat Roman Bronis from Dukla Trencin and Mateusz Taciak from CCC Polsat Polkowice.

The first stage of the Dookoła Mazowsze race led along the roads around Modlin, where both the starting and finishing line was situated. The riders had a distance of 180 kilometres to ride, which consisted of six, 25-kilometre circuits with two climbs, plus three short circuits (2 km) along the roads of the Modlin stronghold.

Stage 1 of the race, which started in very favourable weather conditions, in sunny weather and at the temperature about 26 degrees Celsius, took quite an unexpected course and it had an even more controversial finish. In the first long circuit only, in the peloton, which was riding very fast despite quite strong gusts of wind, the first attempts to break away started. When the riders were completing the first lap a group of 26 riders managed to jump away from the peloton. In the group there were among others four CCC Polsat Polkowice riders: Mateusz Taciak, Tomasz Kiendyś, Sylwester Janiszewski and Nikolay Mihaylov as well as Robert Radosz, Adam Wadecki, Damian Walczak (BDC MarcPol) and Mariusz Witecki, Konrad Czajkowski from the Bank BGŻ team. At first the break-away riders gained a little lead and everything seemed to show that a break-away of such a big group would end successfully. An attempt to eliminate the breakaway was made by the team of BGŻ, which had only two riders in the break-away group. Unfortunately, their work did not bring the expected result. In the subsequent laps the break-away group’s advantage was continuously increasing and the peloton was not able to do anything about it. None of the teams was willing to eliminate the break-away. When the escapees’ lead was already over 10 minutes, it was already sure, that it was out of that group that the winner would emerge.


The escaping group of 22 riders.

In the last, big circuit three riders –  Mateusz Taciak, Adam Wadecki and Roman Bronis – attacked out of the escaping group, which decreased to 22 riders. Quite soon they gained a lead over the group, that before entering the little circuits in Modlin was 1 minute and 16 seconds.

In the little circuits in Modlin, the escaping threesome were still riding together although with each lap their lead was decreasing quite fast. In the last, final lap, right before the finishing line, when the three escapees were getting prepared for the finish, the car of the organizers riding before the riders reduced its speed, which made the cyclists ride into it, causing a great danger and confusion  among the three break-away riders. Not only did it get the finishing cyclists out of their pace (Mateusz Taciak lost the most) but also it might have caused a very serious accident.



Adam Wadecki took an opportunity in this confusion, and he was first to cross the finishing line, becoming at the same time the leader of the race. The second contestant was Roman Bronis, and Mateusz Taciak, third.

The other riders of the break-away group were 10 second behind the escaping threesome, and they were brought to the finishing line by Sylwester Janiszewski. The peloton crossed the finishing line 11 minutes after the stage winner.


The results of stage 1, Modlin – Modlin, 180 km

1. Adam Wadecki (BDC MarcPol)        4:14:13
2. Roman Bronis (Dukla Trencin)
3. Mateusz Taciak (CCC Polsat Polkowice)
4. Sylwester Janiszewski (CCC Polsat Polkowice) – 00:10

14. Nikolay Mihaylov
16. Tomasz Kiendyś
46. Bartłomiej Matysiak – 11:05
53. Grzegorz Stępniak
56. Marek Rutkiewicz
110. Piotr Gawroński