Get to know Alan Banaszek

Alan Banaszek is the youngest rider on the team and one of the youngest in the entire professional cycling. Despite his young age ha has already lots of victories in his resume – among them European championship. 

Describe your hometown

I live in Wólka Radzymińska. It’s a small village nearby Warsaw. The entire Banaszek family comes from here, including my uncle, Dariusz and cousins, Norbert and Adrian, and also Stanisław Aniołkowski.

How was your beginnings in cycling?

Before cycling I tried many different sports. I was doing speed roller skating and I was very serious about it. I even competed in the international races. I also tasted a little bit of handball, basketball, speed skating,  but at the end I’ve chosen cycling. I thing I have the biggest talent for that sport and it gives me the most pleasure. I started to train cycling when I was 12 years old and at the beginning I was riding mostly on track. Despite the fact, that I didn’t race much, I achieved some good results early on. One which stands out from that period, was 2nd place in the Regional Championships U13 on the road.

Favorite race?

Paris-Roubaix. I like to watch the best riders in the world to compete in this legendary event but I also enjoyed racing on the similar course myself. I took part in Paris-Roubaix for juniors twice and I have good memories from it.

What do you listen to when you warm up before the time trial?

Polish rap.

Best day on a bike in your career?

It was of course during European Championships in Estonia, where I claimed gold in the junior race. I remember, that I didn’t feel exceptionally strong before the start. My pre-race sensations were quite normal, but when the gun was fired something gotten into me and I was stronger than ever.

Favorite movie?

Star Wars.

What are your mechanical bike skills

I would be able to put together the entire bike. My dad, Bogdan, taught me everything I know about bikes and thanks to him I can fix basically everything.

Favorite social media?

Facebook and Instagram.