Get to know Marcin Białobłocki

The story of Marcin Białobłocki is as unique as his time trialing skills. From a forklift operator to a Polish TT champion and stage winner of Tour de Pologne – that was his path to becoming CCC Sprandi Polkowice rider.

Marcin Białobłocki was born in Sokółka, a small town near Białystok. This is where his cycling career began. As a 12-year old he signed up for SKK “Sokół” and, as he recalls, at the beginning it was mostly about fun, since he had no knowledge about cycling. The only thing he knew was that he liked road bikes.

I was pretty active as a kid. I ran, I swam, I played football with my brother, but riding a bike gave me the most joy. I claimed my first win in Sokółka, in a race held on an athletics track, in the stadium. It was part of so called “Cycling Thursdays”. I don’t remember much from that race though.

He couldn’t spread his talent in Poland and since he didn’t see himself continue his career, he decided to move to Great Britain for work. It was September 2005. He was 22 years old at the time and took this step with his future wife.

At first I was working as a forklift operator in a small village, 30 kilometers outside of Bridgwater. Later I would do few other jobs and when I decided to pick up my cycling training, I was working night shifts at the fruit warehouse. I would go to sleep after my shift, do my training, take a nap, go to work again and so on. I lived according to that schedule for about a year and during that time I won few local races.

In 2007 I got the opportunity to race in France. I would travel down there few times a year, every time spending few weeks racing for a Torigni team. We would take part mostly in stage races and criteriums. Since then, thanks to the help of my friend, I could focus on training and racing and not worrying about going to work during the season.  

In 2011 he signed his first contract with British Continental team Motorpoint – Marshalls Pasta. That year he won his first UCI race as well, a stage of An Rast Post. In the next years he would improve on a regular basis, winning crits, another stages of An Post Race and even the general classification in 2013. He was getting more and more reputability in the British cycling world, which helped him earn such nicknames as „Polish express” , „Polish assassin”, „Killer”, „Machine”. In England he was racing for division III teams (after Motorpoint – Marshalls Pasta) – Node4 – Giordana Racing Team, Team UK Youth, Velosure – Giordana Racing Team and One Pro Cycling, which granted Professional Continental license in 2016.

As rider of the latter team, he achieved his biggest success so far.

My biggest win yet is stage victory in Tour de Pologne. It was an amazing experience for me – to win in a World Tour event, biggest race in the country, wearing the national team jersey.

The same year, but few weeks earlier, he surprisingly became Polish champion in time trial, showcasing his great talent to a bigger audience for the first time.

I would like to repeat these wins in the future. My goals are also to triumph on one of the Grand Tour stages and in the world and European championships in time trial.

Marcin Biabłocki has proved on few occasions that those dreams are not impossible to turn into reality. He finished 9th and 14th in the worlds and was 14th in the European championships. He is also known for his professionalism and attention to detail.

When I was racing for Team UK Youth, Nigel Mansell was my boss. He is a Formula 1 champion, who has 31 wins under his belt. He taught me how every detail and every second counts. Thanks to him I started using power meter and I got into aerodynamics.

Today, 33-year old rider still lives in Great Britain, in Bridgwater, with his wife and two kids.

My family is my biggest passion and my children don’t let me have too much free time. But when I do have a moment for myself, I like to go fishing or play PlayStation.