Get to know Marcin Mrożek


Marcin Mrożek is not well known among the Polish cycling fans, since he spent most of his career in Italy. Let’s get to know him better then. 

How was your beginnings in cycling

I first started off when I was 14 years old. In junior category I claimed my firs victories in the Polish Cup. I remember winning the Youth Race, which was the last event of the series. That success boosted my confidence and gave me motivation to work harder. My first team I was riding for was Sokół Kęty and in U23 category I was a member of TC Chrobry Głogów. When I was around 20 years old I moved to Italy, where I spent the next five years – first 3 in the south, near the Napoli and the final 2 in the north, in Tuscany. Beginnings were not easy, since I didn’t know the language, but I was getting adjusted with every month of my stay. Italian races are usually played out in a different way than the Polish ones, so I had to learn cycling basically all over again. There are much more events in the calendar and much more riders at the start. Once, there was 320 riders competing. The races also varies by the region – in the south they are more technical and in the north are more hilly.  In my third year of U23 category I had a chance to race against Paweł Poljański, who was also taking part in the same events as me.

What’s your hobby outside of cycling?

I have an unusual hobby, since I grow decorative trees and shrubs. Planting them and watching them grow gives me a lot of joy. I don’t do it for money, although after few years I could be able to sell them.

Describe your hometown

I was born in Wadowice, but I live in a nearby town, Targanice. I often train on the Kocierz climb or Żar mountain, where the bottles actually roll uphill. I checked it myself. There are few other cyclists who come from my region, such as my teammate, Adrian Honkisz or Michał Pomietło, who was riding for Amore e Vita and now is a mechanik on our team.

What do you listen to when you warm up before the time trial?

Something energetic, something that gives me energy boost – techno, Energy 2000.

Your cycling idol?

Alberto Contador. I admire his prowess and I like his style of riding?

Your favorite race?

I like to race on gravel roads, so I like Coppa Bologna. Back in 2013, the race finished with a 6-kilometer gravel climb. I took 2nd place that day. I’ve never competed in Strade Bianche, but I enjoy watching that race and I would love to participate in it someday.

Best day on a bike in your career?

Also Coppa Bologna, but in 2015. I attacked solo with 35 kilometers to go and maintained my lead all the way to the line. The course was modified comparing to 2013 and there were not as much gravel roads. All the strongest riders lined up, but I was so strong, that nobody was able to catch me.

Favorite movie?

“The day after tomorrow” and “Overcoming”

Other sports you are interested in?

In the off-season I do some running. I also like tennis (favorite player Novak Djokovic) and volleyball (Mariusz Wlazły, SKRA Bełchatów).

What are your mechanical bike skills

I can do by myself around 70-80% repairs in my bike. When I raced in Italy I often had to go to the bike shop and work on my bike.

Favorite social media?

Facebook i Whatsupp.