Get to know Victor de la Parte

Victor de la Parte joined CCC Sprandi Polkowice after a great season, in which he claimed a victory in Tour of Austria. The Basque rider is story is one of a kind. He started to train cycling when he was 21 and the person who introduced him to this sport is 3-time Tour de France top 3 finisher.

How was your beginnings in cycling

I started off when I was 21. Before that I never really did any sports. From time to time I would go to the gym to do some weightlifting, but it was nothing serious. I remember once friend of mine lent me his bike for an hour. I didn’t know much about cycling so I went full gas the entire 60 minutes and came back exhausted.

I live nearby Joseba Beloki. We are good friends and he is the one who introduced me to real cycling. He helped me find an amateur team and we would go for training rides together. He was making fun of my old, cheap bike.

After 6 months of training I went with Joseba in the mountains and I was able to stay on his wheel. It was few years after his crash in 2003 Tour de France, so he was not as strong as he was in his prime, but he was still very impressed with my performance.

What’s your hobby outside of cycling?

Motorbikes and cars – I like the speed and to race on a circuit.

Describe your hometown

I’m from Vitoria, the capital of the Basque country.  Many former professionals are from there, such as Joseba Belok or Igor and Alvaro Gonzales de Galdeano brothers. It’s not very big of a city. Sometimes it gets cold, but it snows extremely rarely. It rains often and we are surrounded by mountains, which is why Basque riders are usually good in the hard, hilly terrain.


What do you listen to when you warm up before the time trial?

Usually David Guetta’s songs and Spanish type of music called reggaeton. It is a combination of reggae and hip hop.

Favorite race?

Volta a Portugal. People there are fanatic. When you’re going uphill it’s as crazy as during Tour de France. Fans are everywhere and are very laud.

Best day on a bike in your career, when everything went perfectly?

It was in my second year of cycling, in the amateur race. At that time I still didn’t have any knowledge about racing. It was raining, it was cold and I almost decided not to start because of the weather. Eventually I took part and at the end it turned out very well for me. I broke away alone with 70 kilometers to go and claimed the victory. It was a Spanish Cup race, so it was pretty important event.

Favorite movie?

“Wolf of Wall Street”

Other sports you are interested in?

I like to play padel – it’s a combination of tennis and squash, and it’s played outside. I also like hiking in the mountains and basketball . My favorite team is of course TAU Cerámica Vitoria.

What are your mechanical bike skills

I cannot fix anything. I would only be able to change the tire. I prefer to leave that part of cycling to professional mechanics.

Favorite social media?