Hellena Tour: Rutkiewicz wins the time trial and he becomes the leader of the race.

The rider of CCC Polsat Polkowice, Marek Rutkiewicz, became the winner of stage 2 of the Szlakiem Bursztynowym race, which was an individual time trial. He was 20 seconds better than Mateusz Nowak from the team of KTK-Kalisz and Adrian Kurek from Utensilnord-Named.

During the second stage of the cycling race Szlakiem Bursztynowym „Hellena Tour 2012” the riders stood for competition for the victory before the noon, rider a route of 14 kilometres of an individual time trial. The starting and finishing line of the trial was in Opatówek.

The best result during the individual time trial was achieved by Marek Rutkiewicz, who has been showing very good form since the beginning of the season. I worked hard during the preparatory period in winter, and since the beginning of the season I have been feeling very well, my form is good so there are its results – said Marek Rutkiewicz after the time trial. Let us add, that in this season that had been the third podium for Marek Rutkiewicz. He won the race opening the cycling season in Poland – Ślężański Mnich in Sobótka and the general classification of the Circuit des Ardennes race.

20 seconds behind the winner, the second place was taken by the rider of the club from Kalisz (the organizer of the race) – Mateusz Nowak. The third place, with the time worse by 25 seconds, was taken by Adrian Kurek, racing in the team of Utensilnord-Named.

Other CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclists rode the time trial well. Among the best ten riders there were also: Nikolay Mihaylov – the fourth time – and Mateusz Taciak, who won the seventh place.

Winning the individual time trial Marek Rutkiewicz became the leader of the race, 21 seconds better than Mateusz Nowak and by 25 seconds overtaking his team-mate Nikolay Mihaylov.


The results of the individual time trial, Opatówek – Opatówek, 14 km

1. Rutkiewicz Marek (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 17:35:59
2. Nowak Mateusz (KTK Kalisz) 17:55:14
3. Kurek Adrian (Utensilnord-Named) 18:00:62
4. Mihaylov Nikolay (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 18:01:40

7. Taciak Mateusz 18:07:41
13. Stępniak Grzegorz 18:20:83
16. Matysiak Bartłomiej 18:28:57
20. Kiendyś Tomasz 18:40:94
32. Janiszewski Sylwester 19:01:99
41. Honkisz Adrian 19:14:34
46. Charucki Paweł 19:17:92
58. Zieliński Kamil 19:31:23


In the afternoon the riders are starting in the 3rd stage of the race, 103 kilometres long, from Kalisz to Kazimierz Biskupi.