Hirt 8th in GP Czech

Jan Hirt claimed 8th place in the first – out of four – Visegrad races, GP Czech. 

GP Czech was filled with attacks. In the first part of 180-km event, many riders tried to break clear. First it was Jan Svorada (, Janos Pelikan (Utensilnord) and Michael Gaubitzer (Duratec SKR) who created a gap. Later they were substituted in the front by another 14 runners. Among them there was Leszek Pluciński. This move was also erased. In the next 4-man escape Jacek Morajko (Wibatech-Fuji Żory), Paweł Franczak (ActiveJet), Frantisek Sisr (Team Dukla Praha) and Oleksandr Prevar (Kolss BDC Team) were involved. On a hard lap, which was tackled four times, the quartet established over 2-minute lead.

Young CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders, who wore white-and-red jersey’s of the Polish National Team in this 1.2 race, and Jan Hirt and Josef Cerny, who represented Czech Nation Team colors, were leading the chase. It materialized 25km to go and it caused a bunch to split. Hirt, Cerny, Pluciński and Adrian Honkisz managed to stay in the front, but after another selection – 15km from the finish, only Hirt was able to remain in the leading group.

In the very end Paweł Bernas (ActiveJet), Jiri Polnicky (Whirlpool Author) and Oleksandr Polivoda (Kolss BDC Team) launch an attack. They arrived at the finish together and CCC Tour Grody Piastowskie winner outsprinted his rivals. Polnicky finished 2nd and Polivoda 3rd. Jan Hirt took 8th place, around 10 seconds back.

Tomorrow, CCC Sprandi Polkowice will take on another Visegrad race, GP Poland. The race with start and finish in Jelenia Góra is only 135km long, but it features a lot of climbing. There are 20% slopes on the route and at the beginning of the course, a climb to Orlinek (known from Tour de Pologne) is planned,