Honkisz: ‘I feel I am in good form’

Adrian Honkisz (CCC Polsat Polkowice), after a solo attack in the last kilometre of stage 4 achieved his most important victory in this season. The Polish rider crossed the finishing line alone, although he was pressed by the chase group led by Adria Mobil.

I decided to attack quite spontaneously. I feel strong and I know that my form is not too bad, which I managed to translate into a victory – said one of the most talented riders of the young generation on Poland.

I had tried a breakaway with Darek Baranowski before. It was perhaps 4 kilometres before the finishing line. We used one of the hills, of which there were a lot in the final stretch of today’s stage. Unfortunately, the group did not want to give up on that action. The riders of Adria Mobil, whom I de facto consider to be the favourites to win, eliminated everything. They are really strong. – reports the rider of CCC Polsat Polkowice.

When the peloton caught up with us, I had to rest a bit. I did not know then that I would decide on another action, although Sylwek [Janiszewski] encouraged me to it.

I finished alone, but I know that I had been chased by the riders from Adria. They have a strong team and they may win that race.

– As for the plans for the next days, tomorrow the hardest stage is waiting for us. For sure I would like to fight for another stage triumph, but I realize that it will be very hard. Although I am in good form, our team got smaller. Marek Rutkiewicz has withdrawn, yesterday Łukasz Owsian had to resign from riding. Thus we have only four riders.

– I like riding in the mountains, so today I felt very good. The heat disturbed me a bit, but everybody was having the same conditions.

– On Saturday from the last climb it is only 8 kilometres to the finishing line. I feel very good during this race and I would like to make use of it. I might not be a champion of downhill riding, but I get on quite well in it. We will see how tomorrow’s competing will go.