Honkisz’s third place in Tour de Rybnik.

The cyclist of BGŻ Team, Jarosław Rębiewski, became the winner of the 4th edition of Tour de Rybnik. He defeated Mateusz Komar (BDC Team) and Adrian Honkisz (CCC Polsat Polkowice).

At the starting line of the race in Rybnik there were 46 riders from Polish professional teams: BGŻ Team, BDC Team, Chrobry Felt Głogów. The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice was represented by three riders: Adrian Honkisz, Paweł Charucki and Tomasz Smoleń.

The race was held according to the rules of the scratch race, thus the first cyclist to cross the finishing line becomes the winner. Moreover, every third lap awarded points for the most active rider classification.

Right after the start of the peloton the cyclists of TC Chrobry Felt Głogów and BDC Team started to ride very actively. A very fast pace of the ride was imposed by, among others: Mieszko Bulik, Konrad Tomasiak from the team of Felt Głogów and Mateusz Komar with Robert Radosz (BDC Team). Soon a group of 13 cyclists rode out of the peloton, and among them there was also a cyclist of CCC, Paweł Charucki. That group quite long stayed at the front of the peloton, and the cyclists competed against each other for the points in the intermediate stages.

In the final laps out of the peloton, which earlier joined with the group of escapees, another group of 8 cyclists rode away. In that group there were: Jarosław Rębiewski, Artur Detko, Marcin Urbanowski (all from Team BGŻ), Tomasz Smoleń, Adrian Honkisz (both from CCC Polsat), Robert Radosz, Mateusz Komar (BDC Team) and Mieszko Bulik (TC Chrobry Felt).

That group managed to reach the finishing line, and in the finish Jarosław Rębiewski turned out to be the quickest, defeating Mateusz Komar. In the third place Adrian Honkisz crossed the finishing line. .

Mieszko Bulik became the winner in the points classification.