Jacek Morajko joins CCC Polsat Polkowice team

Another cyclist to have signed a contract with the CCC Polsat Polkowice team for the 2013 cycling season is Jacek Morajko, a Polish cyclist racing for Vacansoleil-DCM.

According to the management of the Polkowice Municipal Sport Club, the CCC Polsat Polkowice team will have a new cyclist in the 2013 season, namely Jacek Morajko of Vacansoleil. This former cyclist in the “orange” team has come back to Poland after two years in the UCI World Tour team and will represent CCC for the next two cycling seasons.
You may remember that Jacek Morajko left his employer and signed a contract with CCC for the 2011 cycling season after his very successful performance during the 2010 season, when he won the Polish Champion in a mass start race and after winning the Solidarity and Olympic Cyclists Race, the Małopolska Mountain Race and the BGŻ ProLiga competition. In the meantime, Jacek received a very interesting offer from Pegasus, a new Australian team that was wanted to be classified as a UCI Pro Tour team. The management of CCC Polsat Polkowice, headed by Dariusz Miłek, the president, guided by the cyclist’s interests and his further development, decided to suspend the contract with him and allowed him to race for Pegasus. Unfortunately,the Australian team failed to obtain the UCI registration and Jacek Morajka’s World Tour experience was very short. Under such unusually circumstances, the management of CCC Polsat Polkowice gave another helping hand to the cyclist and signed (the previously negotiated) contract for the 2011 season.

In the 2011 cycling season, Jacek was not as successful as in the previous season. Although he was a very strong and solid pillar of the team, he was less successful. He won, among other competitions, the Carpathian Health Resorts Cup race. During Tour de Pologne, he came fourth in the mountain classification of the race. Thanks to his very good performance in the Tour de Pologne, Jacek and another CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclist, Tomasz Marczyński, Polish Champion of 2011, were recognised and offered to move to Vacansolieil – DCM, a UCI World Tour team. This helped Jacek to realise his dream about racing for an elite world cycling team. He signed a one-year contract that is due to expire at the end of this year.

A photo of Jacek Morajka from the Vakansolei-DCM team