Janiaczyk assesses his last two races.

In his cycling blog Błażej Janiaczyk recapitulates his most recent starts. The CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclist showed his good side on the route of Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour, whereas in the Berling ProRace a fall not far the finishing line was an obstacle to him.

– Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour and ProRace in Berlin are behind me.

– We owe the first victory in this season, in the second stage of Bałtyk-Karkonosze to my whole team, which in 100% did a great work for me. The same was the situation in the third stage, but I made a mistake in the home stretch. I was riding next to the leading-out cyclist, that is Bartłomiej Matysiak, on the side where he was jumping off to, and to avoid a collision I had to hit the brakes, and as there were 200 metres to the finishing line, my rivals managed to overtake me.

– The victory was close, but I did not manage to repeat the second stage. The “Okraj” (the time trial to the Okraj Mountain Pass) determined the general classification. What I can say is that the strongest on that day won, because riding up-the-hill cannot be won by a weak cyclist. I rode at the maximum of my possibilities, but unfortunately, that was not enough to take the first place. I ended up in the sixth [seventh – the information from the editors] place, then I also fought in the last stage, to jump onto the podium, but there was something missing. The group caught me virtually in the last metres and it ended up with the fourth place only, in this stage.

– There was no time for reflections after Bałtyk-Karkonosze, because right after the sixth stage I went to ProRace Berlin. That race was held near Berlin. It was all the time in a flat area, right after the beginning a break-away formed, in which unfortunately there wasn’t any one of our team. I was suffering at the beginning, but there was the rest of the team instead, who went to the head of the peloton, and who chased the break-away for most of the race.

– We knew that Andre Schulze was feeling well, and that he would fight, so boys did not think much. Unfortunately 6 kilometres before the finishing line I got into a crash, Schulze fell too. I managed to reach the peloton and finish in the fourteenth place. Andre was a bit less lucky. This is what sport is like. Once it is better, another time it is worse, some things are not dependent on us.

– My next start will be the classic in Germany – 12 June, and to be precise – in Leipzig (Neuseen Classics-Rund um die Braunkohle).