Janiaczyk: “recently I have had some racing”.

In his blog Błażej Janiaczyk shares his impressions from his recent starts, among others in Tour of Qinghai Lake and he presented his most immediate plans for starts.

Recently I have had some racing. Małopolski Wyścig Górski, Championships of Poland and Tour of Qinghai are very difficult races, and the results of these races are known to everybody 🙂 Maybe I will write something about the most recent race in China. The assumptions of our team before the race had been to ride the race economically (because we know that Tour de Pologne is the most important) and I think that we succeeded. From the very beginning of the race we were riding much alert. In every more dangerous action we always had somebody from among us, but we ourselves did not impose a powerful pace, after all there were many other teams, for whom that was a target race. With good cooperation of the team the results came themselves, and Mateusz Taciak completed the whole race in the 3rd place. As a team we took the 2nd place, so the ‘economical’ ride came out not too bad. I thought I would be more tired after that race, but this time I pulled myself together quite fast. The worst thing of all are the journeys, that are worse than the racing itself 🙂 My rest after that race has come to its end. Now I have 2-3 trainings behind a car, then the start in the race Around Mazowsze and after that in the most important race for our team – Tour de Pologne.