Janiaczyk sums up the start at Tour de Pologne

In his cycling blog Błażej Janiaczyk has summed up the start in this year’s Tour de Pologne, which tuned out very unlucky for him. In the second stage of the race the rider of CCC Polsat Polkowice got into a crash as result of which he had his ribs broken, and despite that he kept racing.

– It had not been supposed to look like that. The preparations, the speed training behind a car etc. I was well prepared for Tour de Pologne. Good results at the Wyścig Dookoła Mazowsza confirm it, whereas the second stage came, the crash in the down-the-hill ride at over 70km/h, practically no reaction for the braking and I hit an already lying rider at full speed. I somersaulted and hit with my chest against the rear wheel of another cyclist.

– At first I could not take a breath. I started to panic. Fortunately, my team mates stayed with me – thanks a lot! – who helped me to put myself together and arrive at the finishing line.

– The emergency service looked like a battlefield, they kept bringing more cyclists. I saw them stitching Alessandro Ballano’s knee – it did not look nice. After the X-ray it turned out that I have one rib broken and others seriously battered. I do not regret, though, that I rode on. I was able to participate in such a great race with such a big group of fans. What hurt the most was the fact that now I was only an extra. The only thing I could do was to bring water bottles for the boys.

– I reached the limits of my breakdown in the sixth stage, where I had had enough of everything. I withdrew in the first lap. I will not remember well this year’s TdP, and it’s a pity. Now a break is ahead of me. If nothing improves about my health, I will start racing at the end of August. At the moment I have some visits in Ciechocinek coming and a good rest.

– I would like to thank all the fans that were in great number along the route, you were great!