Janiaczyk: they were two difficult races

How does Błażej Janiaczyk assess his recent starts? Read what the representative of CCC Polsat Polkowice writes in his cycling blog about his participation in GP Herning and Rund um Koln.

– I will briefly summarize my recent races. I will begin with the GP Herning (Denmark). I had never ridden such a race in my life. The route consisted of 17 metalled stretches, almost all of them ‘swampy’. The wheels would sink and it was hard to maintain the balance.

– After the 18th kilometre (the first metalled stretch) the peloton was divided into several little groups. Everybody was trying to get the best position possible before the metalled stretch. The fast pace in the tough, ‘sandy’ stretches did its job. In the middle of the 200-kilometre distance the biggest group, after it joined, counted 50-60 cyclists.

– At the end I lacked strength for more active riding, so unfortunately, I did not manage to get into the decisive break-away. Luckily, we had our cyclist there – Tomasz Kiendyś, who was really strong on that day and with a bit of luck he could have reached for the victory. He completed the rivalry in the fifth place.

– Rund um Koln (Germany) – that had been my second start in that classic cycle race. The route was similar to the previous edition, that is hills from the very beginning. The break-away started right away. Rabobank and Vacansoleil-DCM controlled the advantage of the escape group until the final short uphill stretches, where they started counterattacks.

– Within several kilometres, out of the big peloton little groups formed. When there were very few of us already, I tried to get down to actions. Unfortunately, nothing came out of it and I lost a lot of strength in vain. The finish was a field sprint, where I did not have good legs and I ended up in the middle of the group. The nearest start will surely be the Memorial of Trochanowski.