Jeżowski: ‘I am disappointed’.

Krzysztof Jeżowski is not lucky in the Race of Solidarity and Olympics. The sprint cyclist of CCC Polsat Polkowice was again close to the stage win, but this time the German Andre Schulze was a little bit faster. – I am disappointed. You ride to win. This is what sport is like though, everyone would like to win, but not everybody is given the victory. Andre was faster than me today and he won deservedly..

– One could point at a lot of reasons for the failure -the competitors and also the weaker form. Such is road cycling – once it goes well, another time a bit worse. This year our team is composed a bit differently. We do not have racers who are particularly good for leading out, we have more boys good at riding in the mountains, but they are not able to do it tactically yet. Also the peloton is stronger, so one can find plenty of reasons.
– As for the fourth stage, everything will depend on what the pace will be like. Obviously the final stretches of stages are very hard. The routes are familiar ones, there aren’t any difficult, high mountains there, but when the peloton races hard, then even a little wrinkle can become a high mountain. I know that the round in Kielce has been changed, there is a bit stiffer uphill stretch in the final part, so for sure it will be tough. We will do our best for everything to come out best.

– As every team we have our climbers: Adrian Honkisz and Dariusz Batek. Also Bartłomiej Matysiak or Łukasz Bodnar ride well in the mountains. They should manage such climbs as we have in this race.

source:, the interview by Cyryl Szweda