Kaczmarek twice in Top 30 in Italian races

Jakub Kaczmarek finished two Italian events – Troveo Piva and Giro del Belvedere – in the Top 30.

Trofeo Piva, which was held on the Eastern Sunday on a hilly, 168-kilometer long course. Jakub Kaczmarek took 24th place, 18 seconds behind the winner Felix Grossshalter (Team Felbermayr – Simplon Wels). Piotr Brożyna, Patryk Stosz and Michał Paluta all lost 43 seconds the the Austrian. For the most part of the race, a 3-man group was riding in the front and gained over 3-minute lead. It got caught and Grossshalter claimed the victory. Artem Nych came 2nd (3 seconds back) and Davide Gabburo 3rd (10 seconds back).

In the first hour of 154-kilometer Giro del Belvedere, Piotr Brożyna and Kamil Małecki were very aggressive, trying to get into the breakaway of the day. They didn’t have necessary luck to pull away and it was Andrea Borso and Petter Theodorsen who established the lead. The maximum gap reached 4:40 and there were two other small groups in between. The escapees were reeled in and the winner was selected from a 22-man group. Andrea Vendrame (Zalf Euromobil Désirée Fior) took the win, by launching a late attack. He crossed the line 4 seconds ahead of his rivals. Gregor Mullberger (Team Felbermayr-Simplon) and Geoffrey Curran (Axoen Cycling) made the podium as well. Jakub Kaczmarek placed 27th (1:10 back). Michał Paluta and Patryk Stosz were also with him in that group.

Results of Trofeo Piva, Col San Martino – Col San Martino, 168.7km

1. Felix Grossshalter (Team Felbermayr – Simplon Wels).

2. Artem Nych (Russia National Team)

3. Davide Gabburo (General Store Bottoli Zardin)

24. Jakub Kaczmarek (Polska) 0:18

47. Piotr Brożyna (Polska) 0:43

61. Patryk Stosz (Polska)

65. Michał Paluta (Polska)

DNF Eryk Latoń (Polska)


Results of Giro del Belvedere, Villa di Villa – Villa di Villa, 154km

1. Andrea Vendrame (Zalf Euromobil Désirée Fior)

2. Gregor Mullberger (Team Felbermayr-Simplon)

3. Geoffrey Curran (Axoen Cycling)

27. Jakub Kaczmarek (Polska) 1:10

35. Michał Paluta (Polska)

39. Patryk Stosz (Polska)

70. Piotr Brożyna (Polska) 2:30