Kadlec wins in Grodowiec, Dariusz Batek the second

The winner of stage 1 of the Memorial of J.Grundman and J.Wizowski is the rider of the Czech team of Dukla Praha, Milan Kadlec. At the finishing line in Grodowiec he defeated Dariusz Batek (CCC Polsat Polkowice) and Mariusz Witecki (BGŻ Team).

At the starting line in Grodowiec, where there was the start and the finishing line of the 1st stage, there were almost 120 riders from all Polish professional teams and amateur clubs, as well as foreign teams: the German Nutrixxon Team and the Czech Dukla Praga team. Also Michał Kwiatkowski appeared, now representing the colours of the UCI ProTour team, Omega Pharma-Quick Step.

During the first stage the riders a distance of the total length of 138 kilometres to ride, along the laps around Grodowiec. The riders had to ride 5 laps 27.6 km each, each time crossing the starting and finishing line. The whole route led along quite narrow and winding roads mostly in the open. The very final stretch before the finishing line was technically quite a difficult element of the route. 300 kilometres before the finishing line, situated on the little hill at the foot of the sanctuary in Grodowiec, the riders had to turn right abruptly and then head for the line along quite a narrow street, made even narrower by the safety railing.

The start of the riders took place in a fine, sunny weather, and the temperature, which increased during the stage, reaching 35 degrees Celsius, turned out unbearable to a lot of riders. Additionally, gust of warm wind, especially in open areas, made life difficult to riders and a lot of them had to withdraw from the competition.

Despite those ‘tropical’ conditions the peloton was riding very dynamically, setting a fast pace. From the very start, when the riders had hardly left the built-up area of Grodowiec, first attacks and attempts to break away started and occurred throughout the whole stage one after another. Little groups of riders would break away, sometimes managing to achieve a little lead, however none of them reached a significant lead.



When the riders were entering the last lap at the head there was a group of nine riders, which had a one-minute lead over the much thinned peloton. In that group there were, among others, Dariusz Batek and Łukasz Owsian from CCC Polsat Polkowice, two riders of Dukla Praha and riders of BGŻ Team, BDC, Wibatech and Felt Chrobry Głogów.  In the peloton the team of Nutrixxon started to work very hard, not having their representative in the break away, though. Several kilometres before the finishing line riders dropped out one by one and only a group of six riders were approaching the finishing line, settling the finish among themselves.

The quickest at the finishing line was Milan Kadlec from Dukla Praha, who defeated Dariusz Batek (CCC Polsat Polkowice) and Mariusz Witecki from BGŻ Team.
The leader of the race is the winner of the first stage, Milan Kadlec (Dukla Praha).