La Roue Tourangelle: Charucki’s and Kiendyś’s active ride.

The rider of the Itera Katusha team, Viacheslav Kuznetsov (Itera Katusha) became the winner of the classic cycle race La Roue Tourangelle (cat. 1.2). Paweł Charucki and Tomasz Kiendyś rode actively.

At the starting line of the classic cycle race of La Roue Tourangelle, 192 km long, leading along the roads around the town of Tours, there were 120 riders from 19 cycling teams. At the starting line in Vernou the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice stood with a line-up of five riders: Tomasz Kiendyś, Paweł Charucki, Piotr Gawroński, Nikolay Mihailov and Kamil Zieliński. The route of this year’s, 10th edition of the race led in a difficult, hilly area, where there were several stiff uphill stretches, with the most demanding uphill section at 140 kilometer.

From the beginning in the peloton there were numerous attacks and attempts to break away. The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice, despite its reduced line-up, tried to get involve in each of the breakaways which there were a lot of during the race. Paweł Charucki gave a good performance, participating in the several riders’ breakaway from its initial stage. The breakaway riders managed to achieve a little lead over the peloton, and the actively riding Paweł Charucki reached for the win at one of the intermediate stages. The riding very dynamically peloton did not let the breakaway ride for long – it got eliminated. In the next action another CCC rider, Tomasz Kiendyś, participated. The breakaway with Kiendyś also did not achieve proper lead, which would guarantee reaching the finishing line. That next breakaway was also eliminated.

When the riders were negotiating the most difficult uphill stretch, at 140 kilometres, out of the peloton a group of five riders attacked. The peloton was left by: Viacheslav Kuznetsov, Rafaä Chtioui (Team Europcar), Igor Boev (Itera Katusha), Evgeny Shalunov (Lokosphinx) and Loic Vliegen (Team Idemasport). The five-rider breakaway gained a minute’s lead almost a minute’s lead over the peloton, and only thanks to harmonious cooperation they managed to reach the finishing line 18 seconds before the desperately chasing peloton. The quickest to finish was Viacheslav Kuznetsov, who beat Rafaâ Chtioui and his compatriot Igor Boev.

The best of the CCC Polsat Polkowice riders, Paweł Charucki, completed the race in the 32nd place, 23 seconds behind the winner.

The results of the match:

1. Viacheslav KUZNETSOV (Itera Katusha) 04:28’37” (42.8 km/h)
2. Rafaâ CHTIOUI ( Europcar Team)
3. Igor BOEV (Itera Katusha)

32. Paweł CHARUCKI 0:23
44. Tomasz KIENDYŚ
62. Nikolay MIHAYLOV 08:03