Lots of orange attractions.

Exhibition matches, opportunities to ask questions the basketball players, shared photos and a number of other attractions waiting for basketball fans in September. All trough organized by CCC Polkowice and the municipality Polkowice events under the heading “Polkowice in love with basketball”

The start of the Ford Germaz Ekstraklasa season is fast approaching, in which our CCC Polkowice players will fight for the championship. Before they begin their struggle they will meet with fans several times.
In the near future our players will play three exhibition matches with the Polkowice residents. The first will be on September 19th at pitch (Lipowa Street), the second one day later, on the athletic stadium (11 Lutego Street) and the third on September 25, the sports facilities at School.
Every time we start at 4pm – Krzysztof Korsak tells us, President of CCC Polkowice.
All basketball fans who decide to participate in these events will have the oportunity to meet new players of our club, to take part in the warm up witch will carry out the trainers and most importantly, to try their hand at competing with players of CCC Polkowice. After each of the three games all participants will be able to get an autograph and talk to players and coaches.
Exhibition matches is not enough because the official presentation of the first CCC Polkowice Team is planned on September 21th. At the time almost the whole day will be marked by basketball, more, CCC Polsat cycling team and MTB Polkowice team will be also presented.
We invite all fans of basketball and cycling to sports facilities at the Primary School no 2. ( from 2pm) We will present our riders, mountain riders and basketball players. We have plenty of entertainment such as lottery. Around 7pm we start presenting teams of our club. We will give information about each rider, basketball player and mountains rider. Our fans willl be able to meet their favourite players. Today all are welcome – President Krzysztof Korsak says.
After the presentation, there will be a press conference ( about 8:30 pm) which will end the presentation.
Schedule exhibition matches under the slogan “Polkowice in love with basketball”
19 September 2012, 4pm (Lipowa Street)
20 September 2012, 4pm 11 Lutego Street)
25 September 2012, 4 pm (Skalników Street)
Presentation CCC Polkowice sports teams (riders, mountain riders,basketball players)

21 September, from 2pm (playground at the Primary School no 2)