Łukasz Bodnar: „I will make a lot of leaps”

Łukasz Bodnar is the leader of this year’s BGŻ ProLiga which comprises the best races in Poland. The cyclist of CCC Polsat Polkowice is already prepared for the start in the 68th Tour de Pologne and he hopes to ride it very actively.

On 31 July Tour de Pologne starts. What is this race for you and what makes it special, compared with others?

For us it is the most important event in the season. I think, it is made special by the fact that it is prestigious, and especially media-oriented, not only on our country’s level, but all over the world. Thanks to that you can show yourself and prove our abilities, as well as properly promote the sponsor of the team, who invest in us.

This year your are presenting an excellent form. Everything shows that at Tour de Pologne you will be noticeable again.

In think that This has been one of the best seasons in my career. I would like to make use of it and show myself in our national Tour.

During previous years you made us used to frequent and long breakaways. What goals are your setting yourself for this year?

I would like to break away this year too and to fight for the jersey of Fiat. This year’s Tour, however, is different than in previous years. The flat stages are shorter a bit, and thus the teams belonging to Pro Teams having sprint cyclists in their compositions will not want to make a breakaway, so it will be very difficult to do some escapes. It is like in a lottery, a bit of luck will be needed to get yourself in a break-away. For sure I will make a lot of leaps for it to succeed.

In this season you can notice your clear progress in riding in mountains. Are you able to play a trick to the favourites in favourable conditions?

For sure my riding in mountains has improved. That is a result of hard work in the last several years, supervised by Henryk Charucki, who schedules my hard trainings in the mountains and rides on a motorbike behind me, to spot my weak points. As you can see it brings good effects. I probably still cannot afford to surprise the favourites. In the team I have specific tasks for the first part of the race, and if I feel good in the mountains, then for sure I will do my best to help our leader Marek Rutkiewicz the most.

What to wish you before the Tour?

I think that success and a lot of luck.

source: LangTeam